Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Few Late Night Notes on Sam Nunberg's Epic Monday Multi-Media Tour Meltdown -OR- What Would Perry Mason Counsel??

The Sun peeking above the row houses in the 1700 block of New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 3:32PM March 4, 2018.


My late night, wee apartment world.

I had intended a more complete entry but it's late, and I've finished my dinner while watching the MeTV lineup.

Of note, I am very happy to report that there was no schedule change so that the regular weeknight lineup is still on to include Carol Burnett & Friends, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (two episodes), Mannix, and Cannon.

Of course, I don't anticipate staying up that late.

So the entry I had planned was as political-themed one -- especially after last week's vortex of chaos and insanity in the Trump White House, a.k.a. in Charlie Pierce's perfectly on-the-mark description as Camp Runamuck, that was dramatic even by Trumpian standards. But it's too late for that.

However, I should mention today's (Monday's) media tour meltdown by former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg also deserves mention. It was epic -- and not to mention hilarious some of the gems he spouted to include everything from Sarah Huckabee Sanders being a "fat slob" and Carter Page being a "moron," a "scumbag," to referencing Corey Lewandowski's affair with Hope Hicks ruminating about Bill Clinton's "illegitimate black child" and at one point, calling Trump "an idiot" even while over and over daring Special Counsel Robert Mueller to arrest him for refusing to comply with his subpoena ("screw that" he said of the order).

The "news" hook, such as it was, is that Nunberg suggested that Trump probably did "something" wrong during the campaign in terms of conspiring with Putin's Kremlin to compromise the election to include all the hacking of DNC and Clinton campaign emails. (None of this will ever matter, of course, to the 35 percent of the country that are the "Trump tribe.")

Nunberg's day-long sideshow naturally led the nighttime cable shows on CNN and MSNBC. (I've no idea what bizarro-world poison Trump TV, a.k.a., Fox News Channel, was spewing.)

I'm sure Nunberg was drunk for at least part of those interviews. Erin Burnett suggested this when she told him him during his in-person interview that she smelled alcohol on him. For his part, Nunberg unconvincingly denied having had any liquor and instead revealed he is on anti-depressants.

Here is a CNN recap of the "42 most bonkers things" that Nunberg said in his various CNN interviews.

There were multiple other interviews during the day with CNN and MSNBC and, later, AP (in which he said he might comply after all). It was almost poignant at times when he appeared to ask for affirmation that he's right to not comply with the subpoena. There was the occasional hint of a sort of intervention.

Corner house at N and 21st Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 3:56PM March 4, 2018.


Well, I think I'll end the entry here. I went to the gym earlier tonight (after work). For tomorrow, I'm meeting a remote coworker friend who is in from Denver for a few days and( (for work) and we're going to dinner. I am thinking to go maybe to Circa DC.

Alright, that's all for now.


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