Friday, February 23, 2018

Recapping This Week's Would-Be Rainfall and Record Warmth and Brief Update For Me Plus Perry, Della, and Little Leander

Tropical beach, Havelock Island Ritchie’s Archipelago, Andaman Islands, April 2014; photo by Vikramjit Kakati.


Well, as usual, we're being screwed out of the chance for any meaningful and helpful rainfall -- while all those crummy, would-rather-die-than-even-visit places in the Midwest and Mississippi River/ Ohio River valleys are getting flooding rains.

The WPC QPF from three days ago on Feb. 20, 2018 showed a seven-day precipitation total of 1.0 to 1.5 inches ending Feb. 27, 2018 across the extended Metro D.C. area.

We are half way through that and, to date, KDCA has recorded a grand total of 0.06 inches -- and the current three-day QPF through 0Z Feb. 27th is down to 0.25 inches.

Undoubtedly, it will soon piss out to zero. These stupid QPF maps NEVER verify in that they always severely over-predict precipitation.

WPC 3-day cumulative precipitation for the Lower 48 valid 0Z February 24 - 0Z February 27, 2018.

This will drop off, of course, to zero for D.C. by the time we get to 0Z February 27th.


I was going to write a lengthier entry but now I don't feel like it. Below, though, is an update that I had started two nights ago (on Wednesday night) and then tried to continue last night -- when, instead, I posted this entry.

I'm supposed to meet Mike G this evening for dinner before he heads to a concert at Black Cat.

Historic gallows, Viper Island, Andaman Island, December 2013; photo by Sanyam Bahga


As an update (written on Wednesday and Thursday nights) ...

I'm home now after a gym visit and following a slow work day. I've been in a rather slow period and that is worrying.

The weather is dramatically cooler, softly overcast, but otherwise quiet with the 11PM air temp of 44F (at KDCA). The incredible February heat of yesterday has ended -- but what a heat it was with KIAD setting an all-time monthly record of 80F while KDCA reached 82F, a daily record and the second highest ever recorded in February (and tied for the hottest ever at KDCA itself since the 1930 record is a pre-National Airport one).

I intend to post a separate entry on the abnormally warm weather.

Map of record high temperatures for the US through 20UTC February 21, 2018 as created by

It's difficult to see, but the "warm" different color circles indicate whether a daily high temperature was (yellow) within 3F of a daily record high; (orange) tied a daily record high; (orange-red) broke a daily record); (magenta) tied/broke a monthly record high; and (purple) broke an all-time record high.

The corresponding "cool" colors are for the same -- but for low temperatures.


Of note, on Wednesday, Feb. 21st, KDCA reached 82F -- the tied for the second-highest temp ever in February (behind the pre-National Airport record of 84F on February 25, 1930) -- and tied for the highest-ever in the National Airport period (since the previous 82F was on February 28, 1948 -- and that was also the previous time it ever hit 80F or higher on a February day).

KIAD -- which has a record going back only to 1960 -- reached 80F, a new all-time February record, surpassing the 79F reading it set twice (on 2/25/2000 and 2/24/1985), and it had an all-time warm low for February at 59F.

KBWI reached 79F, a daily record high.

As a personal update ...

As for last night (Wednesday night), I should note that I actually had a very pleasant night last night after work on a non-gym night, stopping for a good dinner and a few drinks (a beer and a wine) at Harry's Pub. The food there is really good (at least the pork chops, baked potato, and mixed roasted veggies that I had). I then walked home.

Once I got home, though, I was too tired to post anything when I got home. More to the point, when I got home, I just wanted to watch old TV shows on MeTV without even attempting to write some big, complicated, ultimately pointless entry describing the latest atrocities and ongoing vulgarities of this Trump/GOP World vicious reality.

Yes, I fiddled around a bit online to no particular purpose, but then signed off and just watched TV in my wee apartment from my bed-on-the-floor, lights out and window air conditioner on. Yes, I most definitely had the window a/c turned on, and it works quite well.

The Perry Mason episode was a "The Case of the Borrowed Baby." Barbara Hale got to show off her character Della Street's strong maternal instincts and knowledge and even, yes, hint of sadness at not being married with her own. Of course, in real life, Barbara Hall had three children -- including future actor William Katt.

I tried to find who was in the role of the baby "Leander." He looked more like a toddler made up as an infant rather than a newborn, or he could just have been quite a large baby. Regardless, I could not find the person's name. He would be 56 years old today (if born in February 1962, when the episode aired/took place).

OK, that's all for now. I'm going to try to post an entry tomorrow (Friday) but it might not be until Saturday evening.


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