Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Late Night, Low-Energy Entry -OR- Feeling Defeated in TrumpWorld Plus Some Topically-Unrelated Pics of the Lovely Village of Bibury

A large, lovely cottage in Bibury, England.

Bibury is an incredibly picturesque and quaint English village in Gloucestershire, Cotswold district, England. Source image here.


God, I feel like crap. And have all day.

I developed a head cold and/or sinus headache after the gym last night. I am also fatigued and just low energy. I made it into work -- although this morning was awful since the water to the building was out again (as planned). So there I was washing myself in the tub (after shaving in the sink) and pouring water from a bucket over me with the water taken from the large bin filled with water that I filled up last night and put in the tub.

Bibury, England on a summer (or maybe spring) day.


I looked and felt awful. I'm so fucking old and just doughy and ugly no matter what I do. The Italian/Polish combo could have worked out well -- but in my case, it did not.

Anyway, the water main valves into the building appear to have been to fixed and there is no planned water outage for tomorrow. Thank God. Were it, I would go the YMCA to shower.

I just can't post anything tonight -- and I may have to take a break until next week to post anything. Instead, I'm just watching the late night MeTV lineup.

Truthfully, I just can't keep up with the daily Trump travesties and his cesspool denizens since it just doesn't make any difference in "moving the needle" of the country -- it's basically fixed into its warring tribal camps at this point plus a bunch of "independent" dolts in the purported middle.

I guess I've been "gas-lit" by Trump and his regime in terms of being worn down by the insanity of this KAKISTOCRACY. On any given day and in any given week are MULTIPLE outrageous and norm-defying scandals -- any ONE of which would have consumed and, in some cases, toppled a normal president. This situation is anything but normal.

Bibury, England on a snowy day (taken from nearly the same vantage point as the summer image).


Oh, yes, BIG SURPRISE, there was another school mass shooting today -- this one in Parkland, Florida with 17 dead was thus bigger than Columbine, which consumed the media for weeks back then, but who notices anymore. This story will spend about 2 to 3 days in the news cycle following today's "initial shock/horror/thoughts and prayers" playbook.

New York Times online headline.


Within a few days, I suspect it will mostly be framed in nihilistic horserace terms of how much it will "play" with "swing voters" and interrupt the current "GOP SURGING!" narrative. Besides, I'm convinced that there is a weird psychosexual love in the American mindset for these events. Over on Fox, Breitbart, InfoWars, and hate radio, there is the usual assortment of fantastical and bizarre conspiracies and, among the more sober-minded analysts, per NRA talking points, calls for MORE high-powered weaponry galore.

Generic ballot Congressional preference - list of polls for February 2018.


As for Wednesday's breathlessly reported news that "GENERIC BALLOT BACK TO +1 FOR GOP!", it is shown above in the context of other polls and adjusted on the FiveThirtyEight site based upon its quality. This was enough to have stories ranging from "BLUE WAVE NOW JUST A RIPPLE!" to "RED WAVE BUILDING!"

This is the level of intellect and sophistication at which Americans discuss things in "the marketplace of ideas" (internet comment sections). Now I do realize that Dems are always at a disadvantage for a number of reasons, but putting aside the midterms and how it may or may not turn out, it is clear that things have improved for the GOP based upon the economic juicing from the tax cut (ballyhooed by rightwing media).

FiveThirtyEight averaged Congressional generic ballot trend, May 2017 - February 2018.


Beyond this year, I'm beginning to consider that Trump could win reelection in 2020 (he won't be impeached or resign, at least not in the current climate). This Ross Douthat piece in the New York Times speaks to me about his reelection prospects.

The idea is that with total power, the GOP is enacting -- in addition to its mainstay plutocratic / oligarchical agenda -- a deficit-fueled "guns and butter" approach to spending and policy that actually has a sizable Republican constituency. Combining this with Trump's xenophobic, vulgar style that appeals to Rust Belt working class whites (and Southern white Evangelicals), it is pulling the GOP to a center-right populist place that is its ONLY plausible place to govern.

At least that's the underlying idea, and I suspect there's something to that.

Anyway, I'm just not able to post anything right now. I'm sorry. I just want to watch the MeTV late night line up.

By the way, I caught Hogan's Heroes a short while ago and looked up (on Wikipedia) the info about the main actors of the show. Of course, Robert Crane died -- was killed -- back in 1978. There are only two actors still alive: Robert Clary, now 91, and Kenneth Washington, who was in the final season. It is Robert Clary with the incredible story as a young man.

Born in Paris in 1926, Clary is a three-year survivor of the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp. (Remember the whole premise of Hogan's Heroes: A sitcom set in a German POW camp.)

Clary was the youngest of 14 and the only one to survive of 11 who went to the camps. The rest died in Auschwitz along with his parents. Another three siblings survived the war (not having been sent to any camp).

Left: Clary in 1953 at age 26 or 27.

After the war, he started his acting and singing career again -- in his native France where we returned but he became popular in the U.S. as well. He is also a writer and artist. 

OK, that's all for now. As you can see, I ended up posting a much lengthier entry than planned as I watch the late night MeTV lineup (now Mannix). My plan is to go the gym tomorrow night, but that depends on how I feel. I might just come home, watch TV, and go to sleep. I've got NO money until Friday, but I have enough food for lunch (at work) and dinner tomorrow.

Another picture from Bibury, England.


I will try to post an entry tomorrow, but I have to state that I've just not been able to post my intended ones including the political-themed ones (but this gets to what I was saying above -- it just doesn't make any difference). It might not be until Friday or Saturday night.

OK, signing off for now.


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