Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Few Notes on a Soft City Opaque Night and The Great Gatsby's Always Beckoning Green Light

Overcast, gloomy, pleasantly cool dusk at the intersection of 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Avenue NW, 6:16PM February 23, 2018.

My apartment building is visible in this blurry image (on the right behind the tree in the foreground).

Actually, I found in this image just a hint of the iconic Francis Cugat cover art for the original 1925 edition of The Great Gatsby.

OK, there's no pair of sad female eyes shedding a tear hovering over the image, but still, for me there was something about the street lights and the color of opaque blue-gray of the sky.

Of course, the green light at the end of the dock is The Great Gatsby is the most signifying and significant of the story.


Just a very brief update.

I'm still feeling under the weather with a persistent head cold / congestion and sore and scratchy throat -- and gravelly, hoarse voice.

However, despite feeling so lousy from the neck up, I feel mostly fine through the rest of me -- so I went to work earlier today (well, now yesterday) and to the gym tonight, although I skipped the treadmill and just weightlifted and went into the pool.

I intend to post another entry later today -- including discussing a bit about the weather and not omitting the story about the remarkable late winter warmth in the High Arctic to include temps at or a bit above freezing at the geographic North Pole. The CWG has this informative entry about it.

There is also a few other things I want to relate including, of course, the ghastly details of the horrendous political temper of our times. But I'm signing off for now.


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