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Saturday Evening Post Entry for Jan. 13th, 2018: A Few Notes on a Blustery Midwinter's Day (Plus Charlie Pierce on Trump/GOP Sh*tholery)

This was a picture posted on the Météo Algérie Facebook site following a heavy snowfall on Jan. 7th in that part of the Sahara Desert. I assume this was taken somewhere in the Atlas Mountains. What really stands out to me is how Americanized the houses look in this image.

It was featured in this CWG entry.


Saturday mid-afternoon on a cold and blustery January day.

I only have a time for a brief posting as tonight is my company's after-the-fact holiday party. It is being held out in Tyson's at a fancy hotel. I have invited Chester to join me. I'm taking the Metro Silver Line out there and then will ride back with him (he's meeting me there).

Given that it is a full party, my intention is to spend very little money tonight.

I have to note this because money-wise, I am extremely constrained until I get paid next Friday -- but that didn't stop me from going through nearly $100 yesterday, which has me to run the risk of actually running out of money before Friday. (And, no, I have no credit card availability right now.)

I shouldn't earn $82,000 a year and be a single guy with no dependents and have this happen, but it does.

As an update, last night, I stayed at work late and then -- after stopping at the Chipotle at Vermont Ave and K Street NW -- went to Trade, where I met Fred, and l later I went to No. 9 (where I spent so much money) before walking home in the rain.

Speaking of the weather ...

A powerful cold front blasted through last night with squally rain showers although total rainfall amounts for the event were not impressive -- just "okay" -- and not enough to end the winter drought.

In all, KDCA and KBWI both picked up 0.48 inches.

By contrast, KIAD had some heavy rainfall cells push overhead and it picked up a total of 1.40 inches.

KDMH, located in failing Baltimore at the Inner Harbor, had recorded 0.42 inches.

Temperatures plummeted from 55F to 60F at the midnight hour to the present 35F with gusty northwesterly winds under mostly sunny skies.

This continues the metaphorical rollercoaster temperature ride that included the extended Arctic outbreak last week into the weekend, the 63F to 64F and outright muggy/damp conditions yesterday, and back to cold.

There is a chance of snow on Tuesday night into Wednesday, but I'm not going to get into that now.

I won't be posting any Jukebox Saturday Night entry tonight. For tomorrow, I'm planning on going to the gym mid-afternoon. Monday is the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday and I have off from work. That day will serve as my Sunday this weekend.

New York Daily News cover for January 12, 2018.


OK, before I go, I just want to excerpt this piece from the inestimable Charlie Pierce concerning Trump's "shithole countries" comment about African countries which has dominated the news and appalled so many.

It's really beyond sickening -- and a moral failing of our corporate media -- to see Trump's usual propaganda-apologists fanning out on the usual media talk shows -- and I'm not even talking about the entire Fox News criminal syndicate -- fanning out to explain how "The Base" of Trump loves such garbage talk from this sick man. CNN does this for it's "Both Siderism" fetish.

Excerpt (interspersed with some political cartoons) and note that it includes an excerpt of a New York Times article within in, which in which is a quote (I've used different fonts for this): 

In addition, according to The New York Times, the Norwegians are outraged at having been drawn into the president*'s psychoses uninvited. I mean, there they were, laying in supplies in preparation to watch their countrymen kick the world’s ass at the Winter Olympics when suddenly, they get dragooned into whatever twisted drama is playing out in the president*’s mind this week.

"The real White House: Trump calls Haiti and African countries 'shithole' countries to the face of members of Congress, and uses Norway to prove his racism,” wrote Andreas Wiese, a newspaper commentator who manages the House of Literature, a popular cultural center in Oslo, Norway’s capital.

Helge Ogrim, a veteran journalist who used to cover the United States for the Norwegian News Agency, said of Mr. Trump’s latest remark: "It falls into a pattern of nativist and very unpleasant language from a poorly qualified president, if not worse. President Trump seems to relish in derogatory remarks about others and praise for himself. This incident, just after his blunder with the fictional ‘F-52’ planes, further lowers the respect for his office and for the U.S. abroad."

Is it that hard to stay friendly with Norwegians? Really?

I'm truly not sure how long the institutions of government can withstand this daily insanity. The executive branch is a chew-toy. The legislative majorities seem willing to cooperate in their own institutional destruction. There has been some pushback on the lower levels of the federal court system.

But, for 30 years, by fair means and foul, the Republicans have been arranging things to produce a one-party corporate state. Now, they have it, or something close to it, except that a half-senile, racist old bag of guts got elected to run it, which is not something they planned on. This modern, caucasian reboot of The Emperor Jones is overlong and incoherent, and Robert Mueller is beating on those drums so loudly that it’s distracting the lead actors.


OK, that's all for now.


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