Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bilious Numbers By and By: Quantifying and Qualifying a Quarter Century of Maureen "MoDo the SHE Dragon" Dowd's Anti-Hillary Obsession

**This entry was posted January 30th, 2018.**

So Maureen "MoDo the SHE Dragon" Dowd is back to her pathologically favorite topic -- internal and infinite pathological Hillary-hatred -- in the form of this piece. (And, yes, I got the nickname for Maureen Dowd from the late, great Bartcop.)

Briefly put, MoDo the SHE Dragon purports to give her readers inside knowledge of the stealth Good Fight that Melania Trump is waging in deep secrecy but to powerful trolling effect (to those who can divine her signals) against her disgusting, mentally unbalanced husband. MoDo the SHE Dragon then contrasts this, naturally, to Hillary Clinton, who is still with the same man she married all those decades ago, a fact that bewilders and maddens her.

Left: MoDo the SHE Dragon in 2008 at the Democratic National Convention.

Curious about the now-quarter-century-long borderline-insane fixation from her New York Times perch on All Things Clinton, I found this interesting Media Matters piece from several years ago (June 2014) that performed a textual analysis of her columns back to 1993 to quantify her hatred (link embedded):

The key findings: Media Matters analyzed 195 columns by Dowd since November 1993 containing significant mentions of Clinton for whether they included any of 16 negative tropes in five categories (listed in the below methodology). 72 percent (141 columns) were negative towards Clinton -- only 8 percent (15 columns) were positive. The remaining 20 percent (39 columns) were neutral.

For example, Dowd has repeatedly accused Clinton of being an enemy to or betraying feminism (35 columns, 18 percent of those studied), power-hungry (51 columns, 26 percent), unlikeable (9 columns, 5 percent), or phony (34 columns, 17 percent). She's also attacked the Clintons as a couple in 43 columns (22 percent), many of which included Dowd's ham-handed attempts at psychoanalysis.

Since 1993, Dowd has compared Clinton to nearly 40 different figures and works from Hollywood, TV, and popular books throughout at least 40 different columns.

These have included: Wile E. Coyote, Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest, The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Godzilla, Daisy and Tom Buchanan of The Great Gatsby, Bonnie and Clyde, Madonna, Cher, and Lucy and Ricky of I Love Lucy.

My own two of sources of my personal irritation with Mo Do the SHE Dragon are as follows:

First, she has occupied valuable real estate of The Times -- including print edition for far too long without offering anything really meaningful, but instead just pop-cultural references tied into insipid blather that sounds clever when for the week but never really becomes anything of lasting value.

Secondly, MoDo was part of a media punditry cabal -- along with Ann Coulter and, yes, Kellyanne Conway (then Fitzpatrick) -- that was aptly described as a female Irish American Catholic sex police that came into existence during the 1990s Clinton Wars and that were utterly fixated the sexual morality of Bill (and, by extension, Hillary) Clinton and were part of the larger "VRWC."

Full disclosure: I came across the term "female Irish American Catholic sex police" in an online article -- possibly in Salon -- that I've never been able to find again.

Since we're inevitably descending into pop psychology here ...

Given the similarity between Coulter and Dowd (personal and professional life), and despite their apparent hyper-different political views, it doesn't surprise me that for both of them, Hillary (and her husband Bill) represent an object of incredible hatred.

Admittedly, though, at this point, Coulter is more of a political comedian and performance-art provocateur than anything else -- and one who appears to genuinely and tirelessly enjoy what she does.

Also, their Hillary hatred does not have the same psychological basis as that of the vituperative and very weird lesbian Camille Paglia. She's a horse of a different color, so to speak.

If you want a more typical Beltway treatment of Maureen Dowd, I suggest this fluffy piece by the journalistically useless Lloyd Grove (who when he was at The Post back in the 1990s, had the appropriate email "grovel").

OK, that's all for now. My plan is to go the gym again tomorrow (Tuesday) night and post another entry thereafter.


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