Friday, January 19, 2018

A Couple Pics of My Betrothed BIG Y'EYEMAH and Me In Time for Friday Night Trump Shithole Shutdown -OR- Welcome to GOP Junction

So I've been wanting to post some pictures of my dainty beloved betrothed -- BIG Y'EYEMAH, also known by some as the BIG MYE'MAH -- that capture the essence of our union. This entry features two such pictures (but with no storyline).

This particular BIG Y'EYEMAH entry doesn't feature a storyline but just a couple lovely pics of my betrothed and me ...

Here we are -- BIG Y'EYEMAH and yours truly, LOSETURD Q. McNEBBISH -- on our WEDDIN' DAY. With Grace abounding, we had so many dreams that were yet to be realized. And get flushed. Down the shitter.

And here we are about a decade into the marriage (about 15 years ago) ...

This picture features a collage of terms that describe the essence of our union.

This was after our Annabelle-Mae, was born and we were living in Pleasant Vista and Aroma Trailer Homes on the east side of Trump "Believe Me" Village, itself on the south side of New GOP'rusalem City. She had yet to drop out of school, get knocked up, and run off with a biker gang.

Oh, yes, speaking of Trump, the GOP, and shit ...


If you want to read the depressing spectacle of it all -- what happens when the Greatest Nation In The History of Humanity is governed, ultimately, by oligarchy on top and Fox News-addled rubes in carefully gerrymandered districts on the bottom, here you go.

While I work as a federal contractor -- and thus I am quite susceptible to a shutdown -- the client I support is intending to operate on Monday and for an unspecified number of days during a shutdown (as it did during the last one).

OK, that's all for now. I'm meeting a friend over at the Post Pub. My plan is to go to the gym tomorrow after and then post a pair of entries while watching the usual Me-TV Saturday night line up tomorrow night.


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