Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Blue Wave Builds as Dangerous TrumpWorld Ocean Tides Ebb and Flow

**This entry was posted January 11th, 2018.**

Home now at this post-midnight hour.

I had planned to make tonight a gym night -- since last night was a bar night -- but I ended up staying late at work to finish a report and, once completed, it was too late to go to the gym and I instead went to the bar. I went to Trade, although instead of any more goddamn vodka (and certainly no dark liquor), tonight, I had a few glasses of cheap white wine (Pinot Grigio).

Yours truly in my apartment, Washington, D.C., 11:35PM January 9, 2018.

This was taken last night, not tonight. By the way, did you know that M. WADE Tipa-fricka-flip-off-a-billyun kept a whole group blog some years ago about how I need to start "LOWERING MY EXPECTATIONS"??



To be clear, I took the Metro from Elephant L'Enfant Plaza to McPherson Square (the usual routine on bar nights) and stopped at Trade where I had three glasses at Trade. Those were fine, but then on my walk home, I stopped briefly at round-the-corner No, 9, where I had one glass that tasted like frickin' Castor oil. I quit while I was ahead and just walked home.

I'm home now watching my Me-TV line up including a characteristically-great episodes of Perry Mason ("The Case of the Violent Vest"), The Twilight Zone ("Still Valley" -- wild), and Alfred Hitchcock Presents ("The Cream of the Jest" and "I Killed the Count" (Part 1))

As for the entry I had intended, there are so many things I would like to relate about Trump, his sick insanity, and the moral perversion that is today's GOP that enables the mental illness that is Trump.

But it's too late for that and I'm too tired, so instead, I'll just post some links. Instead, I'll just post some links.

However, I will say this: I'm feeling that a BLUE WAVE -- and perhaps even a tsunami given all the dirty GOP rats fleeing the ship, I mean, retiring -- shaping up for November. Maybe I'm overly optimistic (or just hopeful), but I feel the days of this malevolent insanity are numbered.

OK, here are some useful reads to get you up to speed on where right now with Trump and the GOP (links embedded):

Paul Krugman: Faust on the Potomac (January 5, 2018)

Jonathan Chait pieces (links embedded):

Charlie Pierce pieces (links embedded):

Jennifer Rubin (link embedded): The 'stable genius' isn't even functioning as president (January 6, 2018) (I've really gotten to like Jennifer Rubin in the Trump era.) pieces (links embedded):

Ezra Klein: Beyond the gossip, Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury reveals a president in crisis (January 9, 2018) (This is an excellent piece.)

All good stuff. 298 days to go until the midterms.


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