Friday, December 22, 2017

The Migrainy Friday Before Christmas Plus the Trump Tower Tax Cut Yuletide Tale: Orrin Hatch as the Mormon Ghost of Billionaires and Their Trust Fund Babies Past, Present, & Future

A Bavarian village in the snowy blue gloom.

I'm low on images for this entry. I'm also not feeling that well. The ones I posted are either German Bavarian or Austrian snowy scenes (towns, mountainous villages, and a ski slope) plus a park in Vancouver, BC.


Friday afternoon. First full day of winter (as the solstice was yesterday).

I'm trying to compose this entry while having one of my aural migraines -- that is, the precursor to the migraine with the weird arcing flash-strobing light striations and -- in this case -- a very faint hissing sound (like an old radiator just barely turned on). I just took one of my Sumatriptan succinate pills.

Above: A visualization of what the light striations resemble. The striations move and "pulse" quickly though.

(To be clear, my migraines are usually not that severe -- not as bad as some people endure -- but the aural sensation is unusual. It has happened now perhaps a dozen times in my life.)

I believe this is Ischgl, Austria.


Well, I'm working from home today. I had planned a half day of work and then was going to take the MARC train from Union Station to Odenton to meet my mom for the start of a several day visit over the Christmas holiday. However, I was quite busy this morning trying to finish a collaborative task and also doing my laundry (including all my bedding).

That being the case, it just makes sense for me to go up tomorrow on the 1230PM Saturday MARC train.

This also gives me time to get a card and a gift. Recall that I've been broke for much of the past pay period -- and, in fact, the past month. (It all started with the Chicago trip.) But today was payday and rent is not due, nor do I have to double up on any payments such as student loans.

Snowy view of the famed German spa resort town of Bad Reichenhall, Upper Bavaria.


Oh, yes, my dad unexpectedly sent me some money -- a Visa gift card for $100. That got me through the past few days and allowed me to buy some needed things including toiletries on which I was running low.

I sent him a card yesterday and I need to call him. My plan is to visit him in April.

My plan is to go my mom's place this weekend and for Christmas (which falls on Monday this year) and return on Tuesday morning and go straight to work. For next week, she is coming into D.C. on Thursday and staying for two nights. Next Thursday -- Dec. 28th -- would have been her 43rd wedding anniversary and it is the first one since Ray passed away (on Jan. 5th).

I went to the gym last night. I have a little story about that (owing to something foolish I did) but it can wait.

The weather today is overcast, mildish day with temps around 55F. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow followed by much colder temperatures. There is a chance of some light snow or mixed precipitation on Christmas but a "white Christmas" (that is, 1" of snow on the ground as of 7AM EST at KDCA it will certainly not be**) it will not be.

There is a chance of some sort of storm system next week (rain, sleet, ice, and/or snow) across the eastern third of the U.S., but the GFS, characteristically, has been all over the place with it with each run and the Euro hasn't really bought into anything yet, so that's that.

**Yes, that is the stupid definition from the NWS. I think the 7AM EST thing is because that is 12Z time or midday.

The ski slopes of Vorarlberg, Austria.


OK, I think that's all for now. Oh, yes, I had started an entry last night but never finished it. This is all it included:

So the federal government is funded for another 5 minutes -- or at least until January -- and it included a three-month extension of CHIP funding (which had been exhausted and for 9 million children) -- but other critical issues such as the fate of the Dreamers and desperately-needed disaster relief for aid package for California wildfire destruction and Gulf Coast states and Puerto Rico hurricanes went unfinished.

Story here.

Dems think the aid package isn't sufficient while Senate Repugs and their Club for Dog-Shit, I mean, Growth backers are against a disaster relief bill on the grounds that its $81 billion price tag is too much ...

... or rather, because it just enough the trillions that the Rethugs just shoveled upwards in that travesty of a "tax reform" smash-and-grab looting operation on behalf of grifters, thieves, charlatans Wall Street carried-interest financiers, speculators and slum lords; and any other rentier economic parasites including the Trumps.

That delusional and narcissistic Vulgar Talking Yam naturally signed the Smash-and-Loot Act of 2017 as his magnificent "win" -- and with that bizarre signature of his that indicates a deeply disturbed mind.

I won't even go into the North Korean-like freak show that was performed by the House and Senate Rethugs at the White House the other day as they praised, gushed over, and literally prayed to the mentally ill Donald Trump to include Orrin Hatch, an octogenarian Mormon puritan prude who, in fact, knows better but behaved so anyway, to the disgrace of whatever historical memory there will be of him.

Above: Orrin Hatch and the rest of the GOP "caucus" playing the part of ass-kissing fools to the Vulgar Talking Yam after achieving Part 1 of their Holy Grail -- trillions in tax giveaways to the ultra-rich, dark money oligarchs, and rentier parasites.

Part 2 of that Holy Grail is abolishing Medicare & Medicaid and turning Social Security over to their financier crook friends.

They're being so clownishly obsequious because they realize that's the way to the Syphilitic-Mad Emperor's favorable side.


Meanwhile in Puerto Rico ...

American citizen victims try to rebuild their lives with piss-poor help from the U.S. Government.


OK, I think that really is all for now.

My plan for the rest of the day is to get dinner -- maybe at Old Ebbitt Grill a the Old Bar -- and then go to Trade before coming home. I have to be at the train station tomorrow ahead of the 12:30PM MARC. Once I get up to Odenton, we are going to Adam's Grille in Severna Park. We also have plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

My next planned entry will be tomorrow night -- although I will probably skip the Jukebox Saturday Night edition.


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