Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 in TrumpWorld: Finding a Gnostic Avatar

Thanksgiving night and I'm here at my mom's apartment in Glen Burnie. Earlier, we went to the American Legion hall in Severna Park for a ready-made Thanksgiving dinner. Right now, I'm trying to compose the remainder of my long-delayed South Carolina solar eclipse trip-themed entry while watching -- unplanned but my mom put it on -- the 2009 James Cameron-produced movie Avatar.

My only other time seeing this movie was in May 2012 -- and, at all places, Larry's Opium Den and Trap-House -- and, even then, I only saw the last half of it.

In its deeply Gnostic way, the movie features an amazing sci-fi fantasy tale of the barbaric devils obsessively seeking physical riches and power that collectively is Western man and, in order to achieve this satanic end, casually bringing genocide and ecocide all around them.

Historically, tihs was, of course, Europeans with their filthy gold lust. In the present-day world, it is the Trump oligarchical gangster-ocracy and corporate plutocrats everywhere. While deeply depressing (until the end), in its way it is ironically appropriate to watch on Thanksgiving.

And all so we can have the alleged demi-paradise that is America.

Sorry, this amazing movie fascinates and upsets me.

I didn't want to watch such a heavy movie on Thanksgiving -- or, really, any time -- but here it is. I will say that this movie has images of nuclear winter, Vietnam / the Vietcong, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in quick succession.

Anyway, tomorrow early evening I'm meeting my high school friend Lynda at Sunset restaurant. Well, first my mom and I have to do some business at a local bank involving things related to wills and stuff that I don't want to (but must) deal with (unless I go first). What we WON'T do is go near any Black Friday garbage -- as in, any goddamn retail / big box store selling flat screen TVs, Xboxes, or i-Whatevers with American-style human stampedes.

OK, I'm going back to this movie.

Reposted from that May 2012 entry with the original source here:

A purer version of the gnostical ideology of authenticity can be found in the biggest grossing movie of all-time in America, James Cameron’s 2009 epic, Avatar. By 2154, earth’s resources have been used up and nature reduced to a filthy, poisoned husk. The corrupt and all-powerful RDA Corporation is mining for the appropriately named Unobtainium on the planet Pandora.

This is home to the Na’vi -- blue-skinned, beautiful, 10-foot-tall beings -- who have an intimate connection with nature and who worship the mother goddess, Eywa. Jake, the broken, disabled ex-Marine eventually becomes his alien Na’vi avatar, melds with his true love Naytiri, and unifies with nature after defeating the Satanic human forces of corporate evil. He loses his human identity and becomes the alien, leaving behind him the dreadful homeland of Earth for the blessed alien land.

The point is that authentic harmony with nature can only be achieved by throwing off the garment of earthly nature and becoming alien. Such is the basic fantasy of Gnosticism.


OK, that's all for now.


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