Thursday, November 2, 2017

Falling Deep Into the TrumpWorld Twilight Zone -OR- It's Not a Good Life, Billy Mumy

Well, here I go again trying to post a blog entry that I'm only beginning at 1AM, and I'm tired and just want to go to bed.

I went to the gym tonight after a regular work day. I'm home now watching the usual late night MeTV line up to include Perry Mason ("The Case of the Lame Canary"), The Twilight Zone ("Execution"), and a pair of episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The first episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents is "Bang, You're Dead" involving a young child unknowingly with a real gun belonging to his uncle that he keeps filling up with real bullets -- and, of course, the young child is played by Billy Mumy, the satanic little monster. He plays a young pretend cowboy with a very real gun and nearly shoots multiple people -- including the black housekeeper.

His Lost in Space run as Will Robinson aside, Billy Mumy is probably best known for that episode of The Twilight Zone entitled "It's a Good Life" in which he is a little boy with God-like powers to read minds and transform anything (or anyone) into anything, not to mention control time and space and any natural phenomena (including, of course, the weather).

Anyway, my apologies to my two regular readers, but I can't post an entry right now. I'll try tomorrow, although it might not be until Friday evening.

NECONUS October 2017 temperature rankings for the NE CONUS; Southeast Regional Climate Center, NCEP-NOAA.


The weather is, eh, fallish, except it's going to get warm again for a couple days (around 75F for a high on Friday). October ended up the third warmest on record here in D.C., and the warmest for multiple locations across the Northeastern U.S.

Now there's a pair of shocking headlines these days. Not.

Lunatic Trump, the Vulgar Talking Yam, is still the Lunatic-in-Chief, rage-tweeting, gibbering, agitating, and drooling while untold damage is done by his cabal of corporate oligarchs, kooks, crazies, Scott Pruitt ecocidists, and other indicted (or-soon-to-be-indicted) underworld figures on Vladimir Putin's puppet master strings.

Meanwhile, half-cult/half-fascistic GOP tries to figure out the magic math ways to shovel trillions to their billionaire oligarchical donor class overlords without anyone noticing. (Charlie Pierce, along with Jonathan Chait, is (are) my must-read(s) these days.)

But Trump's marks -- the downwardly mobile white working class and sundry neo-Confederates both within and without the South -- feel "empowered" by this state of affairs and -- deep inside their Fox News/talk radio alt-reality bubble -- have and want no other concept.

OK, that's all for now. Apologies that I couldn't post a better and happier entry.


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