Thursday, November 9, 2017

Catching a (Small) Blue Wave; Some Late Night MeTV Connections; and Heading Off to Chicago For Several Days -OR- November Thrills & Chills

Jack-o-Lanterns-after-Halloween on a stoop, 1300 block W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:29PM November 7, 2017.


OK, I'm home tonight after work and following a gym visit.

I was going to write about last night's off-year election Democratic wins, especially in Virginia, and New Jersey. However, that would open an entire discussion that I just don't want to get into right now as I am quite tired and need to go to sleep.

Yes, the wins were quite good, especially in Virginia where Ralph Northam easily defeated the loathsome Ed Gillespie, who was running a deeply and vilely Trumpian white panicked ethno-nationalistic sort of campaign. It helped that Democratic turnout was strong for a non-presidential election year (and despite all the rainy, chilly weather)

Jonathan Chait and Charlie Pierce have some good takes on the matter:

Rainy night, sidewalk along 14th Street near Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C., 7:46PM November 7, 2017.

We had a good inch of rain area-wide on Tuesday with chilly temperatures. 


However, let's be clear: there really weren't that many contests coast-to-coast. And the GOP controls everything at the federal level and enough at the state level to potentially bring about some "Constitutional Convention" de facto coup that would result in an outright rightwing oligarchical plutocracy.

In short, or me, it's far too soon to start talking about "blue waves" and all that. (The MSNBC lineup, as I surmised while at the gym tonight while on the treadmill watching the TV, was all gaga over the prospect.)

Right now, I'm home watching my usual late night MeTV line up -- Carol Burnett and Friends, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 

By the way, I discovered last night that Barbara Hale -- who played Perry Mason's faithful close assistant Della Street -- is the mother of William Katt, who played Ralph Hanley of Greatest American Hero.

Left: The main cast of "The Greatest American Hero" including Connie Sellecca, William Katt, and Robert Culp.

As an aside, originally, Katt's character's name was originally Ralph Hinkley, but it was changed as a result of the 1981 presidential assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley Jr.

Barbara Hale and her son, William Katt, with Raymond Burr in the middle in a photograph taken during the 1980s revival of "Perry Mason."


In addition, the co-star of this series was Robert Culp -- who starred in one of the best episodes of The Outer Limits of all time, namely, "Demon with a Glass Hand."

Robert Culp as "Trent" with Consuelo (played by actress Arlene Martel) in the episode "Demon with a Glass Hand" of The Outer Limits.


The Twilight Zone episode last night was also a great one:
The Stop at Willoughby. Of note, the main character -- Gart Williams -- is played by the late James Daly, who is the father of actor Tim Daly (best known for Wings, ) and his older sister, the very accomplished actress Tyne Daly.

Here is a nice picture of brother Tim and sister Tyne together at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009:

Of note, Tim Daly revealed in a June 2016 interview that his father was gay. It's a sad story that his son recounts very well:


OK, I think I'm going to wrap up this entry, I need to get to bed earlier than I normally would as I have an 11AM flight tomorrow for my four day trip to Chicago. I'm taking off from work tomorrow and Friday is the Veterans Day holiday.

I have a direct, nonstop flight from National to Midway. I also have at reservation at a hotel in the Magnificent Mile / Near North Side area. At least I think I do -- this was an Expedia package deal. Chris is flying in from Atlanta and joining me for the weekend (staying at another hotel).

Of note, while it is supposed to get chilly here in D.C., Chicago is going to be outright cold with a high around freezing on Friday and a chance of snow showers and about 40F on Saturday and Sunday with a chance of rain and snow Saturday night.

The weather will be very different than when I was there in June. For a recap, see here, here, here, here, and final after-the-fact recap here.

While I am traveling light, I am packing accordingly including taking my thermals, gloves, sweater (for wearing beneath hoodie), and wool hat.

NWS point grid forecast for the point 4miles NE of downtown Chicago* for Nov. 8 - 12, 2017.

*Wouldn't that put the exact spot out in Lake Michigan??


OK, that's all for now. I am taking my laptop with me on the trip, but I'm unsure if I'll have free Wi-Fi (as I'm not paying extra for it). If I do, I should be able to post an entry or two from Chicago. If not, then my next entry won't be until Sunday or Monday.

Chicago skyline and turbulent waves on the Lake Michigan lakefront; photo by Joshua Mellin.


OK, that really is all for now.


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