Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Nothing Fancy, Just Solid Journeyman Work": My Thursday Night All-Purpose Update

The nighttime view of K and 16th Streets from the Ellipse Rooftop Bar atop the Hyatt Place hotel, Washington, D.C., 8:54PM October 24, 2017.

I had seen this rooftop bar from street level a few times and wanted to give it a try. It was quite pleasant (in part because it was not crowded and the night air refreshingly cool).


Once again, apologies for lack of an entry last night after work and the gym.

My excuse for last night is that I get through my August 2017 South Carolina solar eclipse trip pictures in preparation for finally posting them.

Yours truly at the Ellipse Rooftop Bar, Washington, D.C., 8:04PM October 24, 2017.

I headed over to Trade thereafter -- the place was initially lightly crowded but then a crush of people came in from the stupid annual high heel race on 17th Street. I had some idiot Millennial try to get a joke at my expense with his friends about my flip open phone (which I do intend to replace with a Smartphone by next year) dovetailing into some joke about it being part of my "Halloween costume." I told him to fuck off and all he'll ever achieve in life is tweeting.

Younger gay men are as vicious as they are useless.


I went to bed last night around 2AM -- after the usual late night MeTV line-up that ended with an Alfred Hitchcock presents episode "You Can't Trust a Man."

The episode starred the late Joe Maross -- whose 30-year career of work on numerous TV series and movies is aptly described by the film and TV trivia blogger Scott Rollins as "Nothing Fancy, Just Solid Journeyman Work" . His credits include that great episode from The Twilight Zone called "Third from the Sun."

Maross died at age 86 in Nov. 2009. Twice married, he has a son, but I couldn't find anything about him. 


Dreamtime ...

Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dali (1937)

I went to bed and had a roiled night sleep of strange dreams involving a vast, multi-level shopping mall and a chaotic situation of a comet that had a 30 percent chance of hitting the Earth (in Indonesia) -- and which I saw it as a smudge near the Moon) and my frenetic desire to get to my mom.

Three Sphinxes of Bikini by Salvador Dali (1947)

Of note, everyone seemed to have vanished or were in hiding. I also recall talking about the expected EMP blast that would knock out the power. In the same dream, I was talking to BOTH my late stepfather Ray and my late paternal grandmother. Then in another "segment" of the dream, and as I am often in my dreams, I was at the old Tradewinds Beach Club in Sea Bright, N.J.

Paranoiac Visage by Salvador Dali (1935)

Perhaps the strangest part of the dream sequence was -- while running through that opulent, multi-level mall -- trying to find eggs to purchase in D.C., only to discover they had entirely vanished and finding out it was because of a free-range hen legal requirement gone wrong. (In the dream, I remember yelling about Mayor Bowser and the city being poorly run.)

Apartment view overlooking the intersection of 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 10:11AM October 25, 2017.


I woke up with a terrible, crushing headache that continued periodically through today, but that seems to have gone away for now. I think it is one of my non-aural migraines. These headaches that I sometimes get concern me, but I don't think I'm going the way of Laura Branigan just yet.

Yours truly at the 17th (Corcoran) Street Safeway, Washington, D.C., 10:57PM October 24, 2017.

No, I didn't realize when I took this selfie that there was a box of Brillo pads above me -- and, yes, I see the irony in that given my buzz cut haircut.


As for the gym last night, it was sort of a crappy workout if only because I wanted to do a treadmill jog but just couldn't muster anything beyond 3.33 miles (and part of that was walking). The weightlifting part was alright -- nothing great -- and then a short core workout and a concluding swim.

Tonight is a non-gym night after work. I would like to stop by No. 9 to watch Will & Grace at 9PM and then head home.

Evening, 1600 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., Friday, October 13, 2017.


Weather Update

The weather today was breezy, variably cloudy, and seasonably (late October) cool with local / regional highs (preliminary) as follows:


Sterling (LWX) weather advisories updated 5:20PM October 26, 2017 with legend.


Dew points are low (around 35F) and there is actually a widespread frost advisory in effect for the Metro D.C. and Baltimore areas and freeze warning in parts of the Potomac highlands and areas that have not already had a frost to end the growing season (see image directly above).

The GFS 12Z Oct. 26, 2017 showing precipitation type and intensity (in inches/hour), mean sea level pressure, and 500-mb heights for the eastern United States looped from hours 54 to 78 (2PM Oct. 29th to 2PM Oct. 30th) in 6-hour time steps, as animated and prettied up by the CWG / Washington Post.


There is actually the chance of a decent weekend rain event for parts of the East Coast as a powerful coastal low forms right off the Delmarva in association with a strong cold frontal passage even as tropical moisture from a disturbance (that may or may not make tropical storm status as "Philippe" beforehand) gets drawn into it.

The ECMWF ("European") 12Z Oct. 26, 2017 showing the precipitable column water for eastern North American (converted to inches) valid at hour 78 / 18Z (2PM EDT) October 29, 2017.


Coastal New England, of course, is likely to get the strongest winds and heaviest rains, but even here in D.C., there is the promise of 1 to 2 inches of rainfall and wind gusts to 40 mph.

Unless it all craps out, which is always a non-trivial possibility around here.

The GFS 12Z Oct. 26, 2017 showing forecasted peak wind gusts (in mph) for the NE CONUS valid at 2AM October 30, 2017 as prettied up by the CWG/Washington Post.


Here is the CWG entry on it (link embedded): Intense coastal storm to maul New England on Sunday, swipe Mid-Atlantic. All the weather images (except the LWX weather advisories) in this blog posting are taken from that CWG entry.

It will certainly blow a lot of the fall leaves off the trees.

NCEP/WPC's quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) (in inches) through hour 108 / 0Z October 31, 2017 initialized 12Z October 26, 2017.


Just a Smidge of Political Commentary ...

OK, I think that's all for now. I had intended to post some political commentary, but I just got too mentally bogged down with all the commentary I was reading and how things are going in this ugly Trump/GOP Era Error. In lieu of that, I will just post the following quote from Daily Intelligencer's Eric Levitz during a three-way discussion with him, Jonathan Chait, and Ed Kilgore.

I'm also including three pictures (one directly above and two below) from my South Carolina eclipse trip just because I think they're very pretty. Both were taken in Charleston, S.C., on Aug. 20th. I'll repost them with captions in the full eclipse trip entry.


"The concern for me in celebrating anti-Trump Republicans is this: The threat that Trump poses to our republic, democratic norms, and security is garish -- and for the nearly 60 percent of the unconverted, unmistakable.

The threat to our nation that the modern Republican Party poses is more subtle. But no less real -- and not just because it gave us Trump. A party that comes within one turn in John McCain's mood of passing a trillion-dollar cut to federal health-care spending -- without holding a single hearing, shielding bills' from public scrutiny until hours before the vote -- all to appease libertarian billionaires who subscribe to an ideology that is, in many respects, anti-democratic ... this is a crisis on par with Trump."

OK, that really is all for now. I'm unsure if I'll be able to post an entry tomorrow evening or not. It might not be until Saturday night with my dual Saturday Evening Post and Jukebox Saturday Night entries.


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