Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fall's Retreat and No Weather Comments, But Lots of Moral Trolling -OR- This Endlessly Warm and Humid October in TrumpWorld

The bar at Duplex Diner, Washington, D.C., 9:07PM October 11, 2017.

Very cozy. Very millennial. Very D.C.

Clarification: (11:52AM 10/12/2017) Those three "very" descriptors were for when I thought my lead image was taken in McClellan's Retreat, not Duplex Diner. (I confused them for some reason.) I would not use those terms to describe Duplex Diner at all.


Apologies for lack of entries the past two nights.

On Tuesday night (into early Wednesday), I just didn't feel like writing anything and then last night, I met my coworker friend Raphael at McClellan's Retreat for drinks before heading home -- detouring at Duplex Diner, where I rarely go, but where last night, I had an unexpected and pleasant encounter with Brett.

Drizzly, gloomy evening, 1700 block Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 6:31PM October 11, 2017.


Of that whole shitty 17th Street D.C. gay mafia, she was the only one who was ever nice to me and treated me decently. Of course, that's precisely because she wasn't part of that shitty gay mafia. But I have no desire any longer to discuss that.

What's more, I'm delighted to have flushed the memory of M. WADE Tipamillyun. There was never any "there there" anyway.

Blurry image of a drizzly nighttime view at the intersection of Florida Ave and 19th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 10:05PM October 11, 2017.


The weather remains shitty this October with well-above-normal warmth and mid-summer-like levels of humidity (with multiple days in a row of dew points over 70F). Today, however, we are in a good easterly (maritime) flow with low clouds, drizzle, and much cooler temperatures (around 65F with dew points about 60F).

There were some bouts of heavy rainfall last night although shitty KDCA managed to miss most of it. The 24-hour rainfall totals through 9AM this morning were as follows:

KDMH: 0.84"
KIAD: 0.79"
KBWI: 0.65"
KDCA: 0.11" (screw you, too)

Another goddamn spell of 80F+ heat is forecasted by this weekend with no real sign of fall weather -- it being pushed out, again, to days 12 to 15, in the GFS runs, which means it is in the fantasy panel territory.

The 0Z Oct. 11, 2017 GEFS ensemble 16-day forecasted 2-meter high and low temperatures (in Fahrenheit) for KDCA valid Oct. 11 - 26, 2017
(as created by


The longest stretches of dew point temperatures of at least 70F at KDCA for the month of October, 1937 - 2017.

This shows the top three such stretches -- in 1959 (blue), 2002 (orange), and 2017 (green). To be clear, dew point temperatures have been recorded since 1936 while the full air temperature record goes back to Jan. 1971. Official records have been kept at National Airport since Aug. 1941.


The 8-to-14 day forecasted temperature anomaly probability for the United States valid Oct. 18 - 24, 2017 issued Oct. 10, 2017.

I'm so fucking sick of these "much above normal" temperature probability maps. It's all we get nowadays.


On a related note of things I'm fed up with, I've had to give up at least for now on participating in the CWG comment section.

The issue is that it's always the same dozen people who participate, the majority of whom are these exurban-dwelling bourgeois marshmallows and/or buccal-pumping frogs who like nothing but endless sunshine, heat, and "no weather." I just don't understand why people like that even pretend to have a weather interest.

The comment section is insipid, jejune, boring, vapid, and all-around-stupid to include swapping gardening tips and recipes, or just using that forum as a sort of daily diary (i.e., nothing for actual fans of "the weather" in all its forms). 

The exception is when there is a major weather event when the floodgates open to let in the rest of the internet sewer -- with hundreds and thousands of anonymous commenters posting highly-charged political comments (and while I agree with most anti-Trump sentiment, it does make it basically a flame warring exercise).

Of course, those comments never get removed, unlike mine, which appear to be monitored by the CWW moderator in some cartoonish fashion.

Like everything else, after a while, it totally disappoints. I also see it as a form of moral trolling.

Speaking of moral trolling, read this piece by Jonathan Chait about the weird titillation of the Orange Buffoon Emperor's inner court at the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the "connection" they've made to Hillary Clinton (link embedded):


Well, I better end this entry and get my day started. Tonight is a gym night and then I'll come home and watch my late-night line up to include Perry Mason on MeTV. I intend to post a new entry but I can't promise that I will for sure.


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