Thursday, October 5, 2017

Baby Spider Monkey Pictures Notwithstanding, Another Night, Another Lack of Planned Posting

A baby spider monkey at the jungle animal hospital called ARCAS in Guatemala.


Sorry -- another night in which I simply do not have the time or wherewithal to post an entry.

It's 1AM and I need to go to sleep. I went to the gym earlier tonight. It was fine except I didn't go the jog part (the reason for which is given below). Oh, well. I still got in some decent weightlifting, a core workout, and a swim.

Another picture of that baby spider monkey at ARCAS.


Last night, I went with my boss to the Mandarin Oriental hotel (which is near our office) and later, the president of the company -- who was in town for an awards dinner -- also showed up. I even had an Uber arranged for me to go home. I drank too much, of course, but it was a fun evening (and I didn't have to pay for anything).

And what I believe is a third picture of that baby spider monkey at ARCAS. Source of images here.


Tomorrow evening, I'm planning on coming home from work with no going out or going to the gym. This is ahead of my scheduled endoscopy procedure Friday afternoon at Georgetown Hospital. Of note, I really do want to get it done since I continue to have gastrodigestive issues that are borderline unpleasant (and contributed to my inability to do a treadmill jog tonight at the gym).

That being the case, I should have time to post an entry tomorrow night. I still feel obligated to post an entry about what happened on Sunday night in Las Vegas even though I'd rather write about other things.


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