Tuesday, October 10, 2017

75°F Dew Points, the North Cornerstone, Purple Line Detours, and the Disappearance of Fall -OR- This Disgustingly Humid, Trumpizoidal October, The Ongoing Cheeto Jesus Series

Yours truly touching the North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia on the historical boundary of Maryland and Washington, D.C., 4:01PM October 9, 2017.


Sometimes, I'm just so tired of trying to post on this blog -- and all for nothing. That being the case, I'm not posting anything right now but just going to bed.

The wooden picket fence along the boundary of Maryland and Washington, D.C., on the Chevy Chase Crest Condominiums (Maryland side), 3:58PM October 9, 2017.


HOWEVER, I must note the astonishingly and record disgustingly humid weather that we've had the past few days with dew points hovering around 75F in October. To be clear, 75F dew points in October are not just the highest dew points recorded in the month of October around here, but they are just wrong. More worringly, there is really no sign of the culprit massive ridge in the western Atlantic breaking down.

Looking over the wooden fence on the Maryland side into the backyard of the house at 1799 Verbena Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:58PM October 9, 2017.

By way of explanation, 1799 Verbena Street is the westernmost street of the northernmost alphabet street in Washington D.C., and the one next to it is 8500 E. Beach Drive, the highest (northernmost) numbered street address in the District of Columbia proper.

If that is confusing, here is the Google street map view:

Note that this map shows the D.C.-Maryland line below the North Cornerstone point -- but I'm not sure that is actually the definitive boundary, if there even is a definitive boundary.


That aside, it turns out that the Georgetown Branch ("Future Capital Crescent") Trail between Silver Spring and Bethesda is CLOSED -- as the Purple Line construction begins -- and so I took an annoyingly hour-long detour on Jones Bridge Road.

Looking over the wooden fence that marks -- more or less -- the boundary of Maryland and Washington, D.C. -- into the yards of 1799 Verbena Street and 8500 East Beach Dr., Washington, D.C., 4:00PM October 9, 2017.


I can say that because I walked from the Silver Spring Metro to Bethesda Metro, but stopping at American Tap Room for an early dinner -- after walking about 6 miles including on a detour of the Georgetown Branch Trail that took an extra hour. So today was the last day that I ever will have been on the original Georgetown Branch Trail (on a portion between Grubb and Jones Mill Roads).

North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia, 4:01PM October 9, 2017.

It says "1792" on one side. The full stone is about 5 feet tall -- but most of it here is buried. It says "Jurisdiction of the United States" on the D.C. side and "Maryland" on the, yes, Maryland side (and, for those in Virginia, "Virginia" on that side).


But not to worry because ...

Trumpanzees are titillated at their beloved bloated Cheeto Jesus diety, this week in the form of Scott Pruitt and his "We Love Black Lung" Coal A-Wipers -- indeed, just look at the beaming face of Mitch "NO CHINS HERE" McConnell.

Light pole at the edge of Ray's Meadow Park, Silver Spring, Md., 4:32PM October 9, 2017.


Look, the point is that we are quickly losing autumn and winter and distinct seasons. Sure, it will get cold (maybe even bitterly so) in the years and decades to come, but the seasons of "autumn (fall)" and "winter" as we once understood are gone for good.

Access roadway in the Chevy Case Crest Condominiums, Silver Spring, Md., 3:56PM October 9, 2017.


Just for the record, here was the rainfall that fell at the four regional climate stations as a result of the remnants of Hurricane Nate:

KDCA: 0.62"
KBWI: 0.65"
KIAD: 0.61"
KDMH: 0.60"

This is the first rain of any note we've had in about 4 weeks, although year-to-date, we're not that far from normal.

The bigger issue is the incredible humidity plus the warmth, neither of which shows any sign of abating.

In terms of humidity, the highest dew points as noted in the three day hourly obs are as follows:

KDCA: 76°F
KBWI: 75°F
KIAD: 75°F
KDMH: 75°F

Precipitable water values are at all-time October highs including 2.14" at the Monday morning's 12Z KDCA sounding.


Trees along Maryland Avenue in Bethesda, Md., 5:27PM October 9, 2017.


Say, where's BIG Y'EYEMAH?? She loves any and all failures and any catastrophes that might afflict me. Last I saw, she was COOING and MOOING about HOME INVASIONS and COMPLETE FAILURE.

The house at the corner of Maryland & West Virginia Aves, Bethesda, Md., 5:32PM October 9, 2017.

I'd like to live in this house with my mother in this location.


OK, that's not important. I'm signing off for now. I'm planning on going to the gym after work tomorrow night and then posting a new entry. So there you have it.


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