Friday, September 22, 2017

TrumpWorld in Fall Begins -OR- Autumnally Equinoxed and Too Busy to Post This Week

**This entry was posted September 22, 2017.**

A wet autumn day in (Monclair?) New Jersey circa 1972.

The occasion of this image was my parents -- still then married -- were somewhere in northern New Jersey (Montclair, I think) and my mom took this photo. I was 2 turning 3 years old (and not with them that day).


Again, apologies for lack of entries.

This has been a busy week and both my attempts to complete an entry have been thwarted. After work yesterday, I went to the Columbia Heights Target for one of my occasional (every 6 to 8 weeks) toiletry shopping extravaganzas. 

The famous Microsoft Desktop autumn image taken somewhere, I believe, in Vermont, date unknown. I posted it seven years ago today, and it was already well known then.


I then went to the gym and then, upon arriving home; made dinner, watched my usual late-night MeTV line up including Perry Mason; and then did my laundry (since I will be busy this weekend with my mom's visit). Oh, and I also was online on the CWG in the comment section.

All of that plus the fact I needed to be at the office a bit earlier than usual today meant that I could not stay up until 330AM - 4AM to finish a blog entry.

Forested path at the peak of fall colors.


For today, I am leaving work early and meeting my mom at Union Station. I'll see that she is checked into her hotel (it's one of those small boutique-like hotels on 16th Street near where I live). Thereafter, I intend to spend an hour or so completing aforementioned entry and getting the damn thing posted -- whereupon I likely will not have another entry until early next week.

Animated Google Doodle for the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere.


Today is the autumnal equinox -- i.e, the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs at 4:02PM EDT. The weather remains too warm, too humid, too dry (as in, no rain), and the usual shitty with temps pushing 88F (not quite 90F) for highs.

Rainy fall day, Colgate University, New York, Sept. 2013.

I found this picture online but cannot source it.


Lots happened in the world this past week from Hurricane Maria devastating Dominica and pounding Puerto Rico to the latest Senate GOP health care atrocity (thank God for Jimmy Kimmel) to Trump and Kim Jong-un in a dance of the megalomaniacal crazies, but I haven't had time to write about anything.

OK, that's all for now. Again, intend to post an entry around 7PM tonight.


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