Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Pigboy and the Powerful, Wet Wind -OR- Hot, Spinning, Methane Gas Meets Mighty Hurricane Irma; General and Weather Updates

Evening view outside my apartment building, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 7:44PM September 5, 2017.


Well, I was going to post a Hurricane Irma update, but there really isn't much to add since my earlier entry. As of 11PM AST, this monster tropical cyclone's top sustained winds are still pegged at 185MPH and the central pressure has notched down to 916mb as the storm moves to the WNW -- about to go over Barbuda (if it has not already) and shortly thereafter, Anguilla. 

Whatever impact occurs on the U.S. -- Florida and/or the Southeast Coast -- will be over the weekend. Again, I'll have more on that later.

However, I do want to note this piece in Newsweek (link embedded):

Rush Limbaugh on Hurricane Irma: Powerful Storm or Liberal Conspiracy?

It's a funny riff on what is standard-fare verbal diarrhea from the drug-addled cakehole of the (as the late, great blogger Bartcop used to call him) the Vulgar Lying Pigboy.

Apparently, Limbaugh is being inconvenienced by a run on bottled water in Palm Beach.

I'm surprised he drinks that much water. He looks more like $500 bottles of red wine (with endless portions of red meat) and sweet tea kind of person.

This sort of wet horse manure from the bloated sack of shit Rush still gets millions of his aging, downwardly mobile, terrorized listeners whipped up into a frenzy and that have made him a gazillionaire. Alas, Rush's "ditto monkeys" (as Bartcop called them) have disproportionate political power, resulting in the very dark comedy of this talk radio Archie Bunker parody morphed into the Donald Trump disastocracy.

Now I wonder how many of Rush's ditto monkeys in Irma's path of danger will take his implied advice not to evacuate. The stupidity involved there is simply off the charts. Imagine dying in a hurricane because you were so addled by fucking talk radio and Fox and Friends. Talk about SAD!

The Pigboy's sprawling Palm Beach estate -- courtesy the bajillions of dollars from his ditto monkey listeners of the past 30 years. He's entertained many young men there.

It's too bad Irma couldn't strike South Florida and take two and only two spots: Mar-a-Lago and the Pigboy's mansion.


That aside, and as a brief update, I had an OK day at work today. I'm trying to finish up the notes I took at the Cleveland workshop last month. After work, I made it to the gym. I managed to do an hour plus on the treadmill at 6 miles (well, actually, 5.99 miles for an odd reason I don't feel like explaining right now). I weightlifted and also went swimming.

Provision No. 14 downstairs bar, Washington, D.C., 5:14PM September 4, 2017.

On Monday (Labor Day), I didn't leave my damn apartment until about 5PM. I stopped at the Bank of America ATM at 14th and W Street and then went to Provision No. 14 at 14th and V Streets. I had always wanted to go there but the place is always so damn crowded with a line out the door. At this time, as you can see, it was not crowded.


Oh, yes, while there at the bar, I watched this young couple in action ...

Young lady tries to talk her friend (or boyfriend) into leaving as they had been there a while.


Now here comes the Dippin' Sots Dots action ... 

Instead of leaving, young man begins dancing with his friend, insisting on (awkwardly) dipping her.

It was kind of funny. They ended up staying a bit longer with a third friend and had another round of drinks.

Later, I went to No. 9 and then Trade, and overall, I had an OK night. Mostly. 


Tonight, after I got home from the gym, I made some dinner and watched the late night old line-up on Me-TV: Carol Burnett and Friends, Perry Mason, and The Twilight Zone. Of note, Antenna TV has shifted its schedule around and while Becker is back on at midnight and 1230AM, frickin' Three's Company has replaced Newhart at 1AM.

I've never liked the show Three's Company.

Rainy afternoon drive (around 345PM) in Pasadena, Md., September 2, 2017.

I took this picture while visiting my mom this past weekend as we were en route to Mike's Crab House North in Pasadena, Md. I meant to post this image in this entry but did not.


Blurry picture after a heavy downpour of a wet sidewalk along Q Street near Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 7:07PM September 5, 2017.


The weather today was initially sunny-to-partly cloudy followed by a bout of showers and thunderstorms associated with a frontal passage. Temps rose into the upper 80s F but none of the four main climate stations touched 90F (the closest was KDMH at 89F). This was the last chance for 90F for a while -- and we are quickly approaching autumn, making that unwanted heat less likely.

It is a warm, thickly humid night with a 2AM air temp of 70F and dew point of 68F at KDCA. At KBWI, it is 68F / 68F -- so 100 percent humidity.

There are at the 2AM hour scattered showers and thunderstorms across the Metro D.C. / Baltimore areas. Earlier tonight, there was some heavy rainfall, especially in the Baltimore area with 0.64" picked at KBWI and 0.60" at KDMH, along with another 0.20" in the past hour. KDCA only had 0.07" and KIAD 0.10" plus another 0.21" in the past two hours.

A broad, slow-moving cold front is moving across the eastern and southern United States as part of an upper level trough that is going to reconfigure the pattern -- and that will play into the eventual track of Hurricane Irma.

NDFD NWS surface weather map forecast for the United States valid 0Z Sept. 7, 2017 (8PM EDT Sept. 6, 2017).


Additional rainfall is forecasted for later today (Wednesday) and into night with cooler temperatures as the trough digs and favorable jet dynamics come into play. Thursday - Saturday are forecasted to be very pleasant with highs around 73F and low humidity.

OK, I think that's all for now. Tomorrow night is a non-gym night.

My plan is to post another Hurricane Irma-related entry tomorrow. I also need to call my dad down there in Flagler Beach to try to talk him into not doing what he did in Hurricane Matthew last year --in particular, if it looks as though Irma's center tracks within 100 miles of him (especially if still offshore).

At present, Irma is a far more powerful and dangerous storm than Matthew.

NOAA GOES Floater IR satellite colorized image of Hurricane Irma, 1415UTC (10:15AM EDT) Sept. 5, 2017


Alright, that is all for now. As usual, I'm getting an entry posted at, oh, 4AM.


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