Thursday, September 21, 2017

The 2AM Placeholder Entry -OR- This September of No Particular Note

A tree dons its lovely fall foliage, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., October 25, 2014; photo by Nathan Jones and reposted in this CWG entry.


Apologies for lack of a full entry.

I started an entry, but I could not finish it. It's nearly 2AM and I'm just too damn tired.

At this late hour, I'm back from the gym, already made dinner (it turned out kind of crappy), and watched my usual late-night MeTV line-up of shows. I'd like to try to get into work at a reasonable time tomorrow.

My plan is to go to the gym tomorrow (Thursday) night as a supplemental one (especially since I'm skipping the gym this weekend as my mom is visiting for the weekend). That being the case, I intend to complete the entry I had started tonight.

Of note, the pictures in it are from my Cleveland work trip last month. They are topically wholly unrelated to the entry itself, but I've been meaning to post those pictures. Having said that, it was an overcast day when I took them so everything looks kind of drab, and not just because I was in Cleveland.

Also, I still need to post my South Carolina total solar eclipse pictures.


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