Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Late Night Update: Notes from the Nocturnal Aardvark Files

An aardvark.

The aardvark is a very strange and strange-looking mammal when you think about it. And that diet...


OK, I had intended to post a new entry tonight -- and I even spent a considerably amount of time on it -- but it is already 2AM and it would take me another 2 hours to complete it. That being the case, I'll wrap it up tomorrow after work.

Some interesting tidbits from the Keeper of All Knowledge: "The aardvark is a rather quiet animal. However, it does make soft grunting sounds as it forages and loud grunts as it makes for its tunnel entrance. It makes a bleating sound if frightened ..."

"The aardvark's stomach has a muscular pyloric area that acts as a gizzard to grind swallowed food up, thereby rendering chewing unnecessary. Its cecum is large. Both sexes emit a strong smelling secretion from an anal gland."


This is too cute -- but my understanding is that aardvarks do not make suitable pets for humans -- the exception being, perhaps, if you own a decent-sized farm in Africa.


Let me just say that I'm feeling basically all better from my strange one-day illness. I also made it to the gym tonight after work and got in a 5+ mile jog, weightlifting, and a concluding swim.

Right now, I've just concluded watching the late night MeTV line-up. The Perry Mason episode was quite good.

The Twilight Zone episode -- "The Bewitchin' Pool" -- was suitably bizarre. It also included this hilarious exchange with an emotionally abusive parent and a young boy (speaking with a thick Southern accent): "You know what happens to little kids who lie?!" "Yeah, they go to hell and gets all burned up!"

OK, that's all for now. Signing off 'til tomorrow (or later today). Good night. 


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