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Saturday Evening Post for August 5th, 2017: The Distinctly Un-Dog Days-Like Edition

**This entry was posted August 5th, 2017.**

The large tropical fish aquarium above the bar at Ophelia's (formerly the Chesapeake Room) in Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., 7:28PM August 3, 2017.

I went there on Thursday night with Andrea (more on that below).


Saturday Night.

I finished my usual four loads of laundry and made dinner. and as soon as I complete this entry, I'll head out for a few hours around and about the neighborhood. I'm not really sure where to go -- maybe Trade and No. 9, although the weather tonight is sufficiently pleasant (more on that below) that it might be nice to go to the Dirty Goose on U Street to its upstairs patio and then to Nellie's. There is also the rooftop bar at that 1905 place.

Evening sky as seen from 1800 block 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:07PM August 2, 2017.


Earlier today, I went to the gym and while I had a good weightlifting part and got in a nice swim, I got there so late that I just didn't have time to do a treadmill jog. (I finally got up at 3:30PM after going to bed about 4AM.) What's more, I've just not been able to do much jogging of late.

Evening sky as seen from 16th and T Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 7:08PM August 2, 2017.


I'm just so tired of jogging after five years of doing it regularly -- 6+ miles at a time. I don't want to give it up entirely, but I cannot do it as the level I had been. My weight has notched up to the low 160s -- up 20 pounds from my minimum two years ago but still down about 22-25 from my peak in June 2015. Also, I'm fairly certain that a decent part (maybe two-thirds) of this increase has been a gain has been muscle, not fat.

Evening sky and the building at 1424 W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:37PM August 2, 2017.

I was walking to the gym.


As for the weather, there was as mostly dry frontal passage across the D.C. area last night. There was a fair amount of rain the past few days in parts of the Metro Baltimore area but not here in D.C., although we had quite a bit of rain here in the second half of July.

The weather today was quite unusual -- and spectacular -- for early August or, really, anytime in the summer in the D.C. area.

The afternoon highs for today were as follows:


What's more, dew points were around 55F and there was a NNW'ly breeze today that made it distinctly un-August-like and quite beautiful.

Tonight actually promises to be borderline cool by dawn with lows around 62F. Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny and a bit more humid and Monday has rain in the forecast. No heat waves are in the offing -- in fact, no 90F weather for at least the next week.

St. Peter's Catholic Church in Capitol Hill as seen from C Street SE, Washington, D.C., 5:40PM August 3, 2017.

I was walking to Hawk 'n' Dove (see below) with a coworker / friend.


I rarely get over to Capitol Hill, maybe three or four times a year -- it's like an entirely different city -- but I had been the Chesapeake Room before. In fact, it's where I saw the late Marion Barry in May 2014 (about 6-1/2 months before he died).

A thunderstorm receding in the distance after drenching part of D.C. including this area around Eastern Market, 6:58PM August 3, 2017.

KDCA "officially" didn't get much -- less than 0.1", as I recall -- but this storm produced a lovely rainbow as it receded.


For tomorrow, I'm supposed to meet my mom at Union Station for lunch. We're going to Thunder Grill, although I was thinking of going to Ophelia's -- formerly the Chesapeake Room -- in Capitol Hill. I went there on Thursday night with Andrea after we went to a work happy hour at the Hawk 'n' Dove.

I went to Hawk 'n' Dove with another coworker for what was actually a monthly happy hour for a particular EERE technology office that rolled up two departures from that office -- one a contractor who was a coworker of mine and another an exiting fed and there I met up with Andrea.

Tropical aquarium above the bar at Ophelia's, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., 8:33PM August 3, 2017.

This is a picture that I took with my low-res flip-open cellphone camera. Yes, that's CNN on next to it.


I really regret that I didn't go up to him to introduce myself -- he was nothing less than a larger-than-life D.C. legend, after all, and I had never actually met him. (I was going to another place for a happy hour and passed by the Chesapeake Room.)

The Chesapeake Room -- and now, Ophelia's -- is noteworthy for the approximately 500 gallon tropical fish tank above the bar filled with colorful fish swimming about in a suitably arrayed tank. Oh, and the food at Ophelia's was really good. 

The picture directly above is one that Andrea took of aforementioned tropical aquarium at Ophelia's. There was as lot going on in that tank -- and specifically, here, that fish fiercely guarding its little fake wooden crate, chasing away other fish and taking in mouthfuls of sandy/grainy bottom and spitting it out outside the crate.


For next week, I have to go to Pittsburgh (by car) with two coworkers on Tuesday for a DOE workshop to be held Wednesday and Thursday morning. I actually have to be at the Rockville Metro by 930AM on Tuesday -- meaning I have to get to bed much earlier than I usually do the night before.

As a result of next week's work travel, blogging likely will be light. The South Carolina trip to see the eclipse is now just two weeks away -- I'll certainly have more to say on that -- and then, as soon as I return, I literally have to leave the next day to go to another DOE workshop, this one in Cleveland.

Thankfully, I can fly to that one.

Yours truly getting on the Metro at Eastern Market, Washington, D.C., 9:25PM August 3, 2017.

God, I look old.


Before ending, I need to excerpt this piece by Charlie Pierce from his Esquire political blog on Robert Mueller's investigation of the entire Trump / Russia mess. It was prompted by word that Mueller has tapped multiple grand juries in both D.C. and Virginia as part of his effort to get to the bottom of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to help Trump.

One of two editorial cartoons by Jack Ohman of the Sacramento Bee. The guy is hilarious in his drawings.



It appears that Mueller's after it all -- the alleged financial shenanigans that pre-date last November's election, the slow-dancing with Russian oligarchs, the infusions of cash from the banks of the Volga that kept the Trump Organization in business, the overpayment by Russians for condos owned by the Trump Organization -- everything, as the great Lennie Briscoe once said to a Russian mob kingpin, right down to the rubber in your wallet. He is not afraid and he is not going away.

The second Jack Ohman / Sacramento Bee cartoon.

This is in reference to Trump lying about getting phone calls from the head of the Boy Scouts and the President of Mexico to praise him to the heavens when they did no such thing.


Continued excerpt:

There is no possible way that this White House is D'd up for the Category Five shitstorm that's coming over the next six months to a year. Right now, there's no indication that anyone there has any grasp at all about how anything in Washington works, let alone how to handle the magnitude of what's rolling up the driveway of the West Wing.


Trump is going to go absolutely insane when this comes to a head -- and I have no idea what he will do including possibly ordering the firing of Mueller and the political thermonuclear explosion that would produce.

A giant sunflower growing in a tiny garden plot at the corner of T Street and New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 7:17PM August 4, 2017.

These sunflowers grow so huge that their flower heads just topple over. Seems kinda sad.


OK, that's all for now. My next planned entry will be on Monday night. Jukebox Saturday Night edition to follow momentarily (since I already composed it).


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