Thursday, August 31, 2017

On the Cusp of September, Bidding a Non-Fond Farewell to this Eclipsed August; Houston/Port Arthur Megaflooding Disaster Update

Lovely fall farm image in or near Woodstock, Vermont.

Today is the last day of climatological summer (astronomical summer ends on Sept. 22nd).


Apologies for no entry last night. Both Tuesday and Wednesday were non-gym after work nights -- with the usual results, although I managed to catch a conveniently timed S2 and S4 bus, respectively, on both nights the short distance from 16th and P Streets to 16th and U Streets and got home in time to watch Carol Burnett and Friends on Me-TV.

Prior to that, I was out and spent too goddamn much money. Last night, I went to Cuba Libre and then to the bar at DBGB at the CityCenterDC complex before walking to Trade and a quick Stoney's stop, where Howie was working upstairs.

No idea where this is but it is pretty. Except that pasture must be overloaded with bovine dung.


Tonight is a gym night (attempted hour-long jog, or at least a portion of an hour, and weightlifting). What's more next pay period -- when I have to pay my rent and my student loans -- will feature severe austerity, especially during the work week. The pool at the gym should be refilled and reopened this coming Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'm visiting my mom in Glen Burnie this Labor Day weekend -- taking the MARC train to Odenton tomorrow and returning either Sunday or Monday (Labor Day). Rain is forecasted for Saturday as the remnants of former Hurricane / later Tropical Storm Harvey get caught up in a frontal boundary and move across the Eastern U.S.

Map of the astonishing amounts of rainfall over a 5-day period through 7AM CDT August 30, 2017.


I intend to post a comprehensive update on Harvey and the megaflooding / mega-disaster it caused in the Greater Houston area and east to Beaumont / Port Arthur, Texas.

Aerial view of flooded I-10, Houston area, August 29, 2017.


The widespread 24 to 48 inches of rain -- with isolated amounts nearing 52 inches (specifically, 51.88 inches near the town of Mont Belvieu -- made Harvey the greatest tropical cyclone rain event, or indeed, ANY rain event in United States history) turning much of the Houston area into a shallow inland sea -- filled with all manner of overflowing petrochemicals and the occasional exploding chemical plant (YAY! GOP FREEDOM!) -- and causing tens of thousands of people to be displaced. The current death toll is approaching 40 in both Texas and Louisiana.

Headline right now (11:19AM EDT) in the New York Times of the situation in Houston. The actual website has an animated loop of social media message cries for help as the disaster unfolded. What I have featured up there is as a particular screenshot.


The CWG estimates that 24.5 trillion gallons of rainwater fell on Texas and Louisiana including 19 trillion on Texas. For comparison, the Chesapeake Bay is estimated to have 18 trillion gallons of water in it. Source here.

It's a horrible situation with enormous human suffering, although Trump can't stop praising himself, whipping the dwindling base of hardcore Trumpanzees into a dung-flinging frenzy.

OK, that's all for now. I'll post more on the Houston / Port Arthur situation later tonight. And, yes, I still need to post my South Carolina total solar eclipse pictures.


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