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Late Night Corporeal and Ethereal Ruminations: The Mild Air and Watery Gates of This August

A fountain between the Watergate East and South buildings, Washington, D.C., 4:26PM August 27, 2017.

This is part of the series of terraced, flattened ellipsoidal, vintage 1960s Modernist fountains located in the open-air passageway between the Watergate East and the Watergate South buildings.

The pictures in this entry are (mostly) from my Sunday walkabout -- basically, I went down to the Watergate Complex and to the rooftop Top of the Gate bar in the Watergate Hotel and Office building before heading back to Logan Circle to stop at Trade and No. 9 before meeting Fred at Annie's.


An apparently-weekly bubble party at Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 4:00PM August 27, 2017.


The situation in the Houston area remains dire with catastrophic flooding from now-Tropical Storm Harvey still ongoing as torrential rains continue for a third day and are likely to continue for at least one more day. There have been thousands of first responder rescues of people trapped in their homes. Tens of thousands are displaced. The death toll is at 10 likely will go higher.

Monday morning broke over an inundated Houston; AP photo by L.M. Otero.


So far, 14 to 15 trillion gallons of rainwater is estimated to have fallen on the Greater Houston area -- in amounts ranging from 24 to 36 to 48+ inches -- in the past several days and the entire region is a temporary shallow inland sea. Houston's final rainfall total could reach 50+ inches -- or about what the city gets in normal year. (This is more than double the Katrina rainfall total.)

Flooded street scene in Houston, Texas, August 28, 2017; photo by Joe Raedle, Getty Images.


I'll have more to say on this in a subsequent entry. It deserves another dedicated entry.

Terraced fountain between the Watergates East and South, Washington, D.C., 4:27PM August 27, 2017.

I suspected that a turquoise blue dye was added to the water, but I couldn't tell for sure.


I'm home tonight following a trip to the gym after work. It wasn't the best workout that I've had -- and I also was unable to do the full hour jog. I only got up to 3.4 miles, no where near the 6.34 miles I was doing at one point (plus 5 minute cool down that brought it to 6.67 miles). (I made it to 6.02 miles on Saturday.) However, I got in an hour of weightlifting.

As I recently mentioned, the pool is undergoing needed maintenance -- and is presently empty. It won't be back up until next Tuesday. It's kind of depressing when the pool is empty (you can see it from the main workout area).

Another view of the terraced fountains between the Watergate East and South, Washington, D.C., 4:29PM August 27, 2017.


As I wrote this, I was watching television, specifically, ME-TV. The network features an 11PM showing of The Carol Burnett Show. (I discovered it is shown at 11PM while in Cleveland last week. After this is Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock, although at 1AM, I prefer Newhart on Antenna TV. I'm happy that I'm able to get both Me-TV and Antenna TV for free with my digital antenna.

View from the Top of the Gate rooftop bar toward the Watergate East including the terraced fountains and sunken shopping promenade, Washington, D.C., 4:39PM August 27, 2017.


Having said that, I should that my remote control kinda sucks -- I need a new one. The one I have wasn't designed to flip through strange digital partial channels, so to speak, so I can't press a number and have it "go" anywhere -- I can only flip manually between the two and they are separated by 17 or so individual channels (most of which don't come in).

Potomac downriver view from the Top of the Gate rooftop bar atop the Watergate Hotel and Office Building, Washington, D.C., 4:39PM August 27, 2017.


The Weather ...

Turning to the weather -- for the D.C. area, not what's happening in the Houston / Galveston area -- it is a delightfully un-August-like night with an easterly breeze (off the distant Atlantic Ocean) and cool temperatures under overcast skies. The air temp as of 11PM was 69F at KDCA with a 57F dew point. The high today didn't even reach 80F in D.C. -- 78F at KDCA.

Also at 11PM, KBWI was at 68F with 57F dew point following a daytime high of 77F; KIAD was 66F with a 56F dew point following a daytime high of 76F; and KDMH was 70F with a 57F dew point following an afternoon high of 77F.

Sterling (LWX) Forecast Office county warning area (CWA) advisories (with legend) updated 11:33PM EDT August 28, 2017.


The paucity of 90F days since the end of July has been quite startling this summer -- a such a welcome change of pace from how summers of recent years have played out.

So far, KDCA has had only 9 days of 90F or higher this August -- and the highest of those was 92F on the 22nd. In the case of KBWI, there has been just 4 days of 90F or higher this August -- with 92F the highest on the 18th and 22nd. By contrast, last year through the 28th, there had been 10 such days at KDCA in August -- including three of 100F or higher (101F was highest).

For the month, though, compared to the current (1981 - 2010 base period) 30-year average, KDCA is only averaging 0.2F below normal -- that is, just about average. KBWI is 1.2F below normal -- not that much.

[CORRECTED] For the whole warm season, KDCA has had 33 40 days of 90F or higher so far -- compared to a year-to-date average of 36 33 and a full-season average of 36. (Thus, even with the "mild" August, we're still above 90F days for the full season.)

NWS Newport/Morehead City (MHX) Forecast Office CWA advisories (with legend)
updated 11:45PM EDT Augusted 28, 2017.

Yes, I used the "firebrick" color that is the color for tropical storm warnings used on the NWS maps.


There is an area of disturbed weather centered just off Charleston, S.C., coast that might become Tropical Storm Irma. The system is moving to the northeast and is forecasted to scoot off the North Carolina Outer Banks as it gets picked up by a trough now over the Great Lakes that moves off the Eastern Seaboard. Whatever becomes of the system, it will quickly segue to a post-tropical / extratropical cyclone over the North Atlantic.

U.S. surface weather forecast issued 0428Z 8/29/2017 valid 18Z (2PM EDT) August 29, 2017.


The interaction of the potential tropical system and upper level trough is forecasted to bring an area of moderate-to-heavy rainfall along the Outer Banks and Virginia Capes to the lower Delmarva with rainfall of 1/2" to 1" possible in the D.C. and Baltimore Metro areas.

Of course, to me this sounds like a bust but we'll see.

Exiting the Top of the Gate rooftop bar atop the Watergate Hotel and Office Building, Washington, D.C., 5:24PM August 27, 2017.

I've said it before and I'll say it here: If the Watergate Complex weren't what it is and where it is, the structures would actually be sort of dumpy looking, especially with all the rooftop "stuff" on the buildings -- like something you'd see in a large Third World city.


Speaking of -gates, here is an update from the ever-metastasizing Trump-Russia Collusion-Gate scandal ...

Here is Jonathan Chait on the matter (link embedded): Felix Sater Is the Third Potential Channel of Trump Collusion With Russia

Sidewalk view, 900 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 5:32PM August 27, 2017.



There are three known channels for potential collaboration between the Trump campaign and the Russian influence operation on its behalf. The first, and best-known, is a meeting in Trump Tower between Russian agents and Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner. A second channel was an attempt by Republican operative Peter W. Smith to obtain Hillary Clinton's emails through Russian hackers. (Robert Mueller is investigating Michael Flynn's connection to this operation, The Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago.)

Now the New York Times reveals a third potential channel: Trump associate Felix Sater, who described his ambitions in emails to his friend (and Trump's lawyer) Michael Cohen, in emails: "Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process."

Row houses in the 1000 block of New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 5:35PM August 27, 2017.


Continued excerpt:

We don't yet know for certain what level of cooperation any of these three channels produced. Sater's channel is particularly intriguing. Whatever Sater did began much earlier than any other known case of collaboration -- he emailed Cohen about the scheme in November 2015, seven months before the Trump Tower meeting. Sater has deep financial connections to Trump and to Russia. Andrew Rice's profile is a good place to start understanding Sater -- a Russian-American gangster, a friend of Cohen since childhood, and an important Trump business partner who worked out of Trump Tower.

Foggy Bottom Historic District sign, New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 5:39PM August 27, 2017.

If the "o" were an "a" in Foggy, it would be Faggy Bottom.


Well, I think it's funny.


I guess that's about all for now.

Oh, yes, I should note this -- and my friend BK in NYC -- sent me this link: Officials Break Ground on Long-Awaited Purple Line Project; Construction Immediately Starts.

The Georgetown Branch / "Future" Capital Crescent Trail will be no more!

Proposed Purple Line route with stations through suburban Maryland.

There is supposed to be a stop along it called Long Branch. (Long Branch is the name of my hometown in New Jersey.)


The Purple Line is planned as a 16.2-mile light rail line scheduled for completion in 2022. It will run east-west route from Bethesda to New Carrollton with 21 stations -- 10 in Montgomery County and 11 in Prince George's County including 4 in College Park, 3 of which involves the UMCP campus.

The Purple Line has been in some form of planning since it was first proposed in 1989 -- including having died at least once.

Sunflowers growing at the corner of 16th and P Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 7:48PM August 27, 2017.

This is on the property of that Foundry United Methodist Church -- where ALL ARE WELCOME (and nobody goes except for the homeless encampment on the front steps).


OK, that really is all for now. My next planned entry will be later today (Tuesday) with an update on the situation in Houston.


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