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In the Wake of Charlottesville and a Resurgent American Fascism, Coming to Terms with a Morally Depraved and Dangerous President

Charlottesville police officer Darius Nash doing his duty of keeping the peace with impeccable professionalism while fucking Klansmen and other dirty Nazi scum gathered for a protest in Charlottesville, Va., on August 8, 2017 are permitted to exercise their First Amendment rights; story of the photograph here.

This was four days before the violence in Charlottesville.


The pictures in this entry were taken primarily from the New York Times and the Daily News and other sources. I'm not going to caption them with my usual who, what, when, where info. Suffice it to say, it should be fairly clear which ones were taken during the Charlottesville melee and which were taken in New York. (One of them was also taken in Boston.)

Each set is posted in no particular order -- except where obvious.


A headline from tonight's online New York Times.

We've really entered Bizarro-World when the President of the United States is giving cover to white supremacists, neo-Nazi anti-Semites, and the KKK. But then again, we entered this Man in the High Castle alternate reality on November 8th, 2016.

Oh, yeah, look at Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. She's married to Mitch McConnell, so that tells you everything you need to know about her. She's doing a good imitation of that moon eyes face that Pence always makes when Trump is speaking. As for Steven Mnuchin, his face looks like an actual human posterior with glasses. What a sick cabinet.

Charlie Pierce has called it the IKEA cabinet.


The text of this entry was originally composed last night -- but as I mentioned here, I just didn't have time to complete it -- but the events of this Tuesday (described below) have totally superseded this entry's original high-level point.

That point was that the Vulgar Talking Yam of a President* finally was forced on Monday by overwhelming political pressure (including from many Republicans) to condemn the white supremacist violence and vehicular domestic terrorism in Charlottesville on Saturday.

A pair of jacked up white supremacist thugs armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weaponry run amok in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017. This is what you call the essence of Trump's base.

What a whack-job country that would allow these Confederate guerrillas gorillas to carry such weaponry out in the open.


On this day, Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, in a press conference at his vulgar Trump Tower in New York that will go into the history books -- a press conference ostensibly about some infrastructure bullshit plan -- Trump plumbed a new depth of moral depravity by reverting -- in screaming, mouth-foaming fashion -- to his "both sides" moral equivalency about what happened in Charlottesville, the practical effect of which is to excuse (and thus delight) hooded Klansman, American Nazis toting Swastika-emblazoned flags, and assorted assault rifle-wielding goons (for the delighting part, just see David Duke's tweet).

Trump is generally becoming a danger to the United States, and it poses a Constitutional crisis that this supremely unqualified, dangerously megalomaniacal man who has decided to cast his lot with white supremacists under the "alt-right" umbrella cannot be removed from office unless and until his own party turns on him (which it won't because the cult-like libertarian and plutocratic worldview of the GOP cannot permit unless and until there is absolutely no hope of enacting said worldview and Trump remains their best hope).

True, some Republican national politicians are revolted by the moral filth that spews out of the Vulgar Talking Yam's mouth and have tweeted condemnations since this afternoon, but the fact is, Trump is unlikely to leave office ahead of time by anything short of a cataclysmic event (to include smoking gun evidence of Trump-ordered Russian Gov't interference in the 2016 election and associated, extensive money laundering activities on behalf of Russian oligarchs uncovered in the Robert Mueller probe, but even that runs the risk of devolving into a mind-numbing "process" story).

But Trump is -- as Old School Republican wise elder David Gergen said tonight on CNN (as I saw at the gym) -- becoming a danger to the United States itself. At the very least, he has decided to cast his amoral lot with the neo-Confederate white supremacists and neo-Nazis because he feels there is more to be gained that way (what he "really" believes is immaterial since there is no "core" to Donald Trump other than megalomania married to pathological insecurity and a lust for dominance over others and Mafia family-like loyalty.

Of note, GOP Party Theoretician Bill Kristol was on MSNBC's "All In" to condemn Trump. That's noteworthy.

As a practical matter, that will have the affect of emboldening the alt-right and resulting in the intensification of a low-grade civil war between it and what Trump would call the "alt-left" but that is really primarily just people of good will and tolerance who cannot and will not see their country turned into some 21st Century version of Andrew Jackson's 19th Century America.

So there will be a lot more episodes as happened in Charlottesville -- and the 24/7 news-and-panic cycle will keep things at DEFCON 1 for the foreseeable future. At least, though, we have a moment of moral clarity on who and what Trump really is (although, truth to tell, there was no reason for anyone paying the slightest bit of attention and having even the faintest bit of a moral compass to be surprised by what Trump spewed out today).

I think -- hope -- that former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter say something publicly about this. I suppose it's too much to hope that the father-son of George Bush would do that.

Having said all that, I am going to post to what I wrote yesterday with a few updates. (Please read it understanding that Trump's sick outburst today renders some of it outdated.)

The events in Charlottesville on Friday and Saturday continue to burn in the news and the nation's collective thoughts and conversations with the major development this Monday being Donald Trump's belated and begrudging condemnation of the Charlottesville, Va., Friday night and Saturday violence culminating in Nazi scumbag James Alex Fields domestic terrorist attack in which he rammed his vehicle into counter-protestors, killing a 32-year old woman and injuring 19 others.

Trump did so because of massive political pressure on him to modify and clarify his original, morally ambiguous -- and thus deeply morally offensive -- remarks on Saturday. This pressure came not just from Democrats but a number of Republican Senators including, as I noted in my initial entry, Sen. Orrin Hatch.

It took fucking 48 hours -- that is, on the Third Day -- for Trump to make the condemnatory remarks about the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists that any normal President of the United States would have made immediately following what happened in Charlottesville.

It came after other decent world leaders from Germany's Angela Merkel to Britain's Theresa May to Canada's Justin Trudeau all condemned the ugly neo-Nazism on violent display in Charlottesville -- and they did so before the Trump finally made his comments.

What's more, despite Trump's statements, delivered oh-so-reluctantly, the "alt-right" Nazi douchebags and Klansmen heard all the dog whistles they needed to hear from Trump's initial morally offensive "many sides" remarks. In fact, these pussy ass-hats are "energized" and are planning on more such rallies.

I will say that any attempt to start marching in other cities in their khakis and polo shirts, black helmets and cartoonish shields that look like dinner theatre Viking props, and citronella-lit tiki torches -- to say nothing of the hooded Klansmen carrying their Confederate "stars and bars" banners side-by-side with their swastika-emblazoned Nazi flags, and the others that just look like pick up truck driving rejects from a Dukes of Hazzard set -- will result in a lot of violence and general unrest almost certainly requiring National Guard reinforcements of the already militarized police forces.

Trump Tower in New York City tonight was surrounded by several thousand protestors protesting the Vulgar Talking Yam, who is spending the night there for the first time since the profound historical mistake of his presidency started.

There was also another candlelight vigil in Lafayette Park outside the White House here in D.C. tonight -- second night in a row.

Oh, and when Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier politely resigned from the White House's American Manufacturing Council because of Trump's calculated inability to condemn the white supremacist violence, Trump did a very Trump thing: spewing petty vitriol at him for the betrayal of personal loyalty to him (the only thing in his megalomania and narcissism that he comprehends).

This is the President of the United States -- a narcissistic buffoon wholly unqualified for and incapable of occupying the office he holds. And it is only going to get worse until we end up with President Pence.


At the very least, I don't see a lot of major CEOs wanting to deal with this level of unstable nuttiness and vindictive spite.

Later in the day, the CEOs of Under Armour and Intel announced plans to resign from this silly council. As an addition, it is unclear if Trump's reversion to moral depravity today with his "both sides" dog whistle air horn will cause more members to leave. So far, six have left.

As an aside, there has been an active effort to identify the white supremacists seen in what Charlie Pierce called Friday night's Citronella Putsch in Charlottesville's Emancipation Park -- right as the clashes began that culminated in Saturday's melee and vehicle attack. (Misidentification is always a possibility with the private citizen sleuthing.)

One of those identified -- notable for being captured while in a mouth-foaming scream -- has been identified as 20-year old Peter Cvjetanovic of the University of Nevada, Reno (see image below). Upset at the viral nature of the photo that ricocheted around the world, Cvjetanovic told a local TV station reporter "I'm not the angry racist they see in that photo."

Here is what Josh Marshall had to say about that:

There's no much room for mirth in this dark moment. But Cvjetanovic's whining is certainly opening for some. This is basically a reductio absurdum of the "that's not the real me" genre of racist apologetics. "You're making me out like some kind of monster at a racist rally!" we sometimes hear people say. Well, you were just photographed frothing from the mouth and chanting white power and nazi slogans at a racist rally. So I'm going to figure that's probably you.

This is the picture taken in Boston.


Marshall also links to this twitter thread by Cvjetanovic's classmates. It's worth a read. I like the one by The Kirk Unit‏: Listening to the clip, I thought "Oh honey, put down that torch and pick up a rainbow flag, you'll be SO much happier."

It's about a father -- Pearce Tefft-- distraught over his son -- Peter Tefft (pictured below) -- having turned into such a hatemongering Nazi. It's a very ugly story that is painful to read (much less have to live it!) but one that needs to be told.

Peter Tefft in Charlottesville, Va., August 11, 2017.


As for Charlie Pierce, I highly recommend his piece: This Is the Bleakest Moment for America in My Lifetime.

Oh, and as an update before posting this entry, here is another Charlie Pierce piece: Maybe Next Time Stick to the Notes.


OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry here. I'm home tonight -- after a second gym night in a row -- and watching my usual Antenna TV lineup of reruns concluding with Newhart. That is one damn funny show.


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