Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Early Afternoon Interim Update: Back from Dallas and More Raging Trumpster Fires from Camp Runamuck (A Preview)

Jet ascending over the eastern suburbs of Dallas, Texas from Dallas Love Field on the start of the flight to Washington, D.C., 5:56PM July 11, 2017.


Wednesday late morning (well, now early afternoon).

I'm back in D.C., having arrived last night around 930PM into National Airport and then a taxi (rather than the Metro) home. We took the downriver approach and I had a left side window seat, so I was treated to the nighttime panorama of D.C.

The flight was again filled with screaming 2 year olds and their useless-but-for-enabling parents, but I got a surprisingly nice pair of headsets from the airline (Virgin America -- a quality commercial airline) and was able to listen to classical music. I also possibly made a new friend of a fellow now living in Dallas but who will be coming to D.C. frequently.

I slept in late this morning as I am kind of wiped out, but I'm getting ready to go into work.

I have a major editing assignment for work that is technically due COB Friday, but it is probably going to spill into the weekend. I need to have it wrapped up by Monday.

It involves a major annual merit review held by one of the DOE technology offices and the tedious need to "textify" the many hundreds of pages of reviewer comments.

I have about 240 assigned to me spanning about 30 or 40 individual projects.

Tonight is a gym night, although I'll try to post a new entry thereafter late (wee hours Thursday).

Unless something changes, the topic will be the massive, whirling vortex of scandal engulfing Camp Runamuck, a.k.a., the Trump White House, with the latest, greatest, and most explosive revelations of Trump family direct collusion with Russian gangsters and oligarchs -- also known as the Putin government -- to interfere in last year's presidential election.

In this case, it is Donald Trump Jr. and to quote the great Charlie Pierce:

So, Donald Trump The Second now has his ass in a crack because he went out after something that hundreds of elite political journalists have sought since at least 1991 -- some dirt on the Clintons. The difference, of course, is that many of the latter took meetings with every poolroom liar and state house grifter in the state of Arkansas.

According to the remarkable one-two thrown by The New York Times over the weekend, Junior went spelunking for slime in an incredible universe of murderous gangsters, which shares a very big chunk of the Russian government's Venn diagram with the political elite of that country. Forgive my cynicism, but Junior would have been better off hanging out at the Mena Airport, or maybe tossing back a few at Parker Dozhier's fish camp.


(If you don't get the Mena Airport reference, look it up.) 

To be clear, the New York Times revealed it but Trump Jr. confirmed it by releasing the emails that preceded his meeting with a woman representing the Putin government who promised him evidence to "incriminate" Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times and Washington Post, appropriately, are in overdrive as is the cable news and the D.C. political world. It is an astonishing American political scandal with no modern day precedent.

The exception, of course, for the Trump Disinformation Network also known as Fox News Channel, which continues to obfuscate and talk about irrelevant bullshit. That's critical since until the latter "turns" on him, the Trump regime will continue to have a solid floor of 35 to 40 percent approval and (by virtue of being the majority party) Congressional / Senate GOP leadership complicity.

That aside, because of my work / life doings, my blogging will be light the next few days, and to that end, for the batch of Dallas pics I took on Monday evening, that will have to wait until next week.


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