Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Evening Post for July 29th, 2017: After-the-Midsummer Monsoon But Before Midnight Edition

**This entry was posted July 29th, 2017.**

View from my apartment at dusk, Washington, D.C., 830PM July 29, 2017.


Saturday night.

This is going to be a short Saturday Evening Post (and I should start calling these "Saturday Late Night Posts" since I typically don't get them posted until nearly midnight (as in, heading into Sunday).

Rainy night intersection of Connecticut and Rhode Island Avenues NW, Washington, D.C., 9:05PM July 28, 2017.

I had gotten off the Metro at Farragut West after staying late at work and was walking to Annie's to meet Fred.


I just finished six loads of laundry -- to include all the quilts and blankets and pillow cases that make up my bed-on-the-floor (well, I also have a foam cushion underneath all of that). I also made some dinner at home tonight (steamed broccoli and carrots, jasmine rice, and chicken-and-wild-rice soup mixed into the jasmine rice).

Rainy night intersection at 17th St and Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 9:08PM July 28, 2017.


I'm probably not going to Old Ebbitt Grill tonight. Instead, I will either just go to my usual two spots (No. 9 and Trade) or, instead, to Nellie's. I haven't been there in a long time (in part because the place has basically turned into a mobbed, straight bar for millennials).

Also, there is a place near me -- between here and the gym -- called Provision No. 14 (at the corner of 14th and V Streets NW) that I'd like to try. (I walked past it instead of down W Street because I stopped at that Yes! organic market on 14th Street after the gym.)


The Weather ...

Regional radar mosaic for a portion of the eastern United States looped 11:20PM July 28 - 12:05AM July 29, 2017.


So our highly unusual mid-summer quasi-nor'easter has parted, leaving variably cloudy skies and pleasant temperatures -- with much lower dew points -- in its wake. At the 11PM hour, it is 72F at KDCA with a dew point of just 54F (compared to 73F with a 71F dew point last night at 11PM with bouts of rainy deluges).

The Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base reflectivity looped 1000PM - 1033PM EDT, July 28, 2017.


Rainfall totals for the storm (stretching from late night Thursday at Dulles to Saturday morning at the Maryland Science Center) were as follows:

This included 3.31" yesterday -- a new daily record, exceeding the 2.90" set in 1951.

3.94" including 2.58" yesterday -- a new daily record, exceeding the 2.28" set way back in 1871 (a pre-airport record set at the start of the official weather record period).

1.69" including 1.46" yesterday -- not enough to surpass the 1.65" set back in 2000.

4.28" including 3.46" yesterday -- certainly a new daily record except KDMH does not yet have a full 30-year climate normal base period.

This deluge wiped out much of the significant deficit KDMH had built up this year and it is now 7 inches below KIAD for the year (rather than nearly 10" as it was a few days ago) and just 2.39" month-to-date (rather than nearly 5" as it was a few days ago).

I'll post monthly and yearly totals once July is ended.

The Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base reflectivity looped 11:15 - 11:48PM EDT, July 28, 2017.

Again, this was an unusual summer weather system -- it was baroclinic, not tropical / barotropic.


One item to note, though: The originally (several days ago) forecasted 75F to 77F highs for Sunday (with a cool breeze) have suddenly been replaced by 83F to 86F highs (and not much of a breeze) which is much more likely given the fact it is the end of July.

Preliminary rainfall totals for the Metro Washington, D.C. area; source here.


Changing subjects ...

So last night, I walked home after Annie's since I had, my computer with me. I got home and almost stayed in for the night (despite it being Friday), but around 1AM, I went out -- it was still raining steadily -- and went to Local 16 and Exiles, both located less than 500 from my apartment. I didn't stay long at either but came home quickly.

I went to bed by 3AM and didn't finally get up until 3AM.

Yours truly in my apartment, Washington, D.C., 9:58PM July 27, 2017.


I made it to the gym earlier today. I did some decent weightlifting and a swim. I also spent an hour on the treadmill -- but I was jogging slower than usual. I had a 5.34-mile jog rather than the 6.67-mile ones that were my peak last year and earlier this year. I've just been having a hard time with those.

But I've gotten better at weightlifting.

Truth to tell, I'm going to be 48 in about 4 months and I'm just getting old even if I am in relatively good shape for my age. Of course, I'm no where near in shape as this new internet sensation -- and at 50, he is about 2-1/2 years older than I am.

Singaporean male model and photographer Chuando Tan in a shirtless selfie.


I refer to Singaporean male model Chuando Tan, whose phenomenal shape, beautiful hair, and youthful face make him look half his age.

His Instagram account is here -- it's what made him so famous. He is also a professional photographer, and his website is here.

Another selfie by Chuando Tan.

I'm not sure I believe he is 50 years old, but whatever.


OK, that's all for now. Tomorrow (Sunday) is my free day and I plan to take a walk and get lunch and end the evening at Trade before coming home -- the usual stuff.

My text planned blog entry will be late Monday or early Tuesday. Jukebox Saturday Night entry to follow momentarily ...


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