Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th Independence Day: Happy Birthday, America (Trumpian Historical Mistakes and All)!

Ah, the Fourth of July!! And the first in the Trump Era Error.

Since it is July 4th, it is time to repost this quote and get it out of the way ...

"America is a mistake, admittedly a gigantic mistake, but a mistake nevertheless."

-- Attributed to Sigmund Freud in The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud: Years of Maturity, 1901-1919‎ by Ernest Jones (1957)


I would also like to note this item ...

Charlie Pierce reposted this tweet from Yoni Appelbaum of The Atlantic in which Appelbaum posted a link to an article by E.P. Whipple in a September 1866 edition of The Atlantic (yes, The Atlantic has been around since the 1860s) describing President Andrew Johnson's character and temperate. (Upon reflection, Johnson should have been convicted in his impeachment and removed from office, but historical mistakes and all ...)

Click on image for larger version.

As Pierce sarcastically concluded, "I can't imagine why Appelbaum would exhume this now."


As for me, as an update, don't have any plans today. I got up too late to go to the gym (it closes at 4PM today). That being the case, I'll just get ready and go out and get an early dinner and stop for a few drinks at Trade before heading home. I was thinking of taking the Metro up to Bethesda, or maybe to Friendship Heights and walking back into Spring Valley and Georgetown.

Actually, that sounds like a good idea, although it is standard D.C. frickin' fare hot and humid today.

OK, I better get my day started.

Cheap beer, hot dogs (don't ask), and loud fireworks explosions for everyone!

Happy Birthday, America!!! 


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