Friday, June 2, 2017

Days 3 & 4 Chicago Update Plus Forever Views from Atop the Hancock, Er, Correction, the Willis (Sears) Tower ... (UPDATED BY ADDISON)

**This entry updated 2:50AM and 9:28AM CDT 6/3/2017: See below.**

View of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan from the Willis (Sears) 103rd floor Skydeck, 4:17PM June 1, 2017.

Updated 9:28AM 6/3/2017: Correction to lead image and caption time. It was 4:17PM, not 4:22PM, on June 1st.


Quick morning post on this my final full day in Chicago.

I'm here in Amanda and Bryan's apartment in the 1900 block of S. Michigan Avenue. Amanda is at work while Bryan is seated at this table across from me as I write up this entry. He's listening to the brand new album by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd mega-fame. The album is "Is This the Life We Really Want?" -- and was released TODAY.

Best line of one of the many inspirational songs on the release: "Every time Greenland falls in the fucking sea..."

OK, then.

Willis Tower as seen from W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 4:45PM June 1, 2017.


Yesterday, after the workshop ended, I returned to the Blackstone Renaissance and dropped off my book bag with my duffel bag -- which I was able to store in the lobby even though I had already checked out -- and headed over to the Willis (Sears) Tower.

Of note, I had been confusing the Willis and Hancock Towers.

I paid the $23 and skipped the whole ground-floor museum / theatre / picture-taking and just went up the elevator to the 103rd floor. That was a slightly surreal experience. The view was, of course, phenomenal -- and the weather just about cloudlessly clear.

One of the three glass-bottomed Ledge balconies of the Willis Tower Skydeck, Chicago, 4:28PM June 1, 2017.

I did not go out there -- I just couldn't do that.


I didn't expect that you could see all the way across Lake Michigan to Michigan as well as the entire rounded bottom of this vast inland sea to include Indiana's north shore. Now it is the case that the lake widens farther north so seeing across it from nearly 1,400 feet up in the air from, say, Milwaukee is not possible.

I headed back to the hotel, detouring to a place called Plymouth, and then walked -- with my heavy duffel bag and book bag -- to my present place. Amanda had made dinner and she, Bryan, and I had a nice evening before I went to bed.

Looking up LaSalle Street from W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 4:47PM June 1, 2017.


For today, I'm taking the CTA up to the Addison station** and walking back via Boystown and Lincoln Park and the Magnificent Mile. My plan is to go up the Hancock Center tower (360 Chicago) later today and then meet Bryan at the Cloud Gate ("the Bean") around 6PM and go with him and Amanda to a jazz club in the Ravenswood neighborhood.

** UPDATE / Clarification 2:50AM CDT June 3rd, 2017**:

So it turns out that there are THREE (3) stations called "Addison" in the CTA "L" system to include 1 Blue Line, 1 Brown Line, and 1 Red Line station. In point of fact, I had wanted the Red Line Addison Station, but instead, I took the Blue Line -- and, once I got to that station (practically all the way back to O'Hare), and studied the neighborhood and detailed system-wide maps, I realized that I was in the wrong place.

However, I still screwed up in that I retraced my path (stopping at an intermediate Blue Line stop) back to the Chicago Loop and took a Brown Line to its Addison Station (wasting about 90 minutes in all), when in fact I wanted the Red Line Addison Station. Despite this, the Brown Line and Red Line Addison Stations were close enough that I walked from the former to the latter along Addison Street.



My flight tomorrow is at 1235PM out of Midway and if all goes well, I'll be back home in D.C. by tomorrow evening.

That's all for now. I have more pictures to post but that will be in a subsequent entry.


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