Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Afternoon Update: May in the Capital Edition -OR- Welcome to Camp Runamuck

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 6:20PM May 17, 2017.

Such a young, fit city it is. And an annoying one.


Apologies for no blog posting last night. I got home from the gym late after a (slow) day at work and -- while watching my usual late night Antenna TV old sitcom line up -- did multiple loads of laundry including all my bedding in the basement laundry room. I also had dinner. Anyway, and that being the case, I didn't get to bed until a ridiculously late (early) hour (4AM), and there was no way I could post an entry.

Bicycle and a flower bed, Washington Harbour, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 7:24PM May 7, 2017.


Alas, I really wanted to discuss the political chaos surrounding our man-child president (and his Congressional Republican enablers, themselves fundamentalist and/or Ayn Randian inverted Marxist tools of oligarchy) and the sudden appointment of a special counsel (former FBI Director Robert Mueller) to look into the U.S. election Russian meddling mess.

Fun with Trump at Camp Runamuck*, Part 1.

*With acknowledgement to Esquire political writer Charlie Pierce for the term, itself taken from a 1960s-era sitcom.


More generally, the special counsel will be looking into everything involving Trump and his profoundly self-sabotaging idea to fire abruptly -- and in Trumpian reality TV fashion -- the most recent FBI Director James Comey and the latter's announcement that he has a memo from February in which President Man-Child asked him to squash the Michael Flynn inquiry.

Fun with Trump at Camp Runamuck, Part 2.

Whatever I may think of Comey for having thrown the election to Trump in the first place, I recognize he is the wrong person to fuck with -- what with that perfection combination of showboating self-aggrandizing, above-board G-man preening self-righteousness, and meticulous bureaucratic by-the-bookism to include detailed record-keeping.

But all that will have to wait.

For today, I am basically taking off from work (even though I still have a minus 3 hours vacation time balance and have yet to be in positive territory for the past 14 months) for a doctor appointment -- my initial gastroenterologist (specialist) appointment at Georgetown Hospital. I have to walk there so it's going to take me about an hour -- and in the 90F+ heat and rising humidity of this mid-May day. (The forecasted high is 94F; the current dew point around 65F.)

My plan is to post an entry tonight.

I'll even try to discuss BIG Y'EYEMAH, although ideally, she should be featured in a stand-alone Friday Night Creature Feature edition.

BIG Y'EYEMAH, sitting at the Venn Diagram intersection of fat, failure, and passivity, really likes that bozo the clown look in her man.

OK, that's all for now.


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