Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jukebox Saturday Night for May 27th, 2017: The Whatever Works, Easy, and Extremes Edition

First up, a nice, light, upbeat smooth jazz piece ...

"Whatever Works" by John Jarvis from album of same name (1988)

Of note, the album "Whatever Works" has on it a song entitled "Paul Wants a Pig." (You can see that about two-thirds of the way through the song when the still image flips from the front to the reverse side of the CD jacket cover.)

I couldn't find the song as a stand-alone but instead it is on the YouTube "video" of the full playlist. It starts at 36:30 and is actually a nice piece.

As for Mr. Jarvis (pictured left), he does not appear to have a website but he has a Twitter account on which he expresses his political views about Trump -- and with which I wholly agree.


Next up, one of the 1970s standards ...

"Easy" by the Commodores from the group's eponymously-titled album (1977)

This video is of a live performance from 1978 and, yes, that is Lionel Richie as the lead singer sporting quite a 'fro and vintage period leisure suite.


And we'll end with something old school yet suitably Saturday night energetic ...

"I Go to Extremes" by Billy Joel from his album Storm Front (1989)

I can sort of relate to this song. The video to it is a sort of manic black-and-white frenzy featuring Joel and his band performing the song.

That album is the one which features one of Joel's number 1 hits "We Didn't Start the Fire."


OK, that's all for now. Please see my previous entry for an update. Also, I will most likely not have a Jukebox Saturday Night edition next week (on June 3rd) since I'll still be in Chicago wrapping up that work/pleasure trip.


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