Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jukebox Saturday Night for April 29th, 2017: The Trump 100 Dumpster Fyre Festival Daze Edition -OR- Ja Rule Is Never On Time

Let's start out with a nice, mellow piece ...

"Is It You" by Lee Ritenour ft. Eric Tagg on his album Rit (1981)

This is a live performance from way back when.


Next up, an old school love song from the early 1970s ...

"Oh Girl" by The Chi-Lites from their album A Lonely Man (1972)

Paul Young, of course, did another popular version of this song in 1990.


To end this edition of Jukebox Saturday Night, I can't think of a better song than one that is a nod to the rapper Ja Rule and the hilarious catastrophe* of his Fyre Festival this past week on Great Exuma in the Bahamas. The refrain lyrics to this seem vaguely appropriate, too.

I should note that this is definitely the only song by Ja Rule that (1) I know is by him, and (2) I kind of like.

"Always on Time" by Ja Rule (ft. Ashanti) from his Pain is Love release (2001)

*I say this because, thankfully, it appears that no one was hurt (or worse) in the aptly-described "Lord of the Flies" situation that quickly engulfed this would-be "transformative" two-weekend music festival. You can read about what happened here, here, here, here, and here.

Even the New York Times wrote about it.

Given that today is Trump's official 100-day mark in the office he should NEVER have occupied, it's worth pointing out that what happened at Fyre Festival is something you could see happening with any bullshit Trump event.

Here's Ja Rule's incoherent -- as in, logically nonsensical -- apology tweet for the whole thing ...

What an idiot.

These big name rappers live in an alternate reality -- one that is as absurd and devoid of good sense as it is risky to their own well being. Well, at least Ja Rule spelled everything correctly.

Oh, and in the future, maybe wealthy American Millennials shouldn't take their vacation cues from frickin' bikini-clad models on yachts posted on Instagram.

OK, that's all for now ... wait a minute. I don't want to end on a sour note on this day. So let's feature one more song ...

"What the World Needs Now" by Jackie DeShannon from her album This Is Jackie DeShannon (1965).

This video version is a nice picture montage of Ms. DeShannon.

This song was written by the great Burt Bacharach, who is still alive (he's 88), with lyrics by Hal David. As for Ms. DeShannon, she is 75 and has a weekend gig on Breakfast with the Beatles on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. What's more, her 76th birthday is Aug. 21st, 2017 -- the day of the Great American Eclipse!

OK, that's all for now. Please see my previous entry for a brief update.


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