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Inner Roiled and Outer Rainy Thursday - Recap; A Note on the Passing of Don Rickles; Chait on Trump's First 11 (or Maybe 13) Weeks of Failure

Hallway at Arroz restaurant, Washington, D.C., 9:12PM April 5, 2017.



Home tonight ensconced in my apartment after a day that never really got started. I was basically sick today with a very roiled stomach / nether regions that forced me to leave work early (after getting in quite late). I also didn't go to the gym tonight although I wanted to do so. I just couldn't risk going -- indeed, I'm still not fully recovered.

Earlier, though, my innards felt like Krakatoa.

The bar at Arroz restaurant, Washington, D.C., 8:47PM April 5, 2017.


I hate missing the gym since any chance of fat + failure = marriage to BIG Y'EYEMAH, or at least she goes into IMMEDIATE HEAT. (My next planned entry is a Friday Night BIG Y'EYEMAH Creature Feature edition, although it's iffy if I'll be able to post the one tomorrow that I've been wanting to post recently: Corn-cheese & Commercial Space Flight.

My drink at the bar at Arroz, Washington, D.C., 8:47PM April 5, 2017.


I am not going to lie -- I got sick because I overdid it last night. I met up with Kevin and we went to two places in the vast and sprawling Marriott Marquis by the D.C. Convention Center, first, the whiskey bar called The Dignitary, and secondly, the restaurant Arroz.

Kevin always takes me to such interesting places that I had never seen before (although in this case, those two are new).

Blurry picture of a couple at Arroz restaurant, Washington, D.C., 9:10PM April 5, 2017.


But then I stopped off at the hotel bar in the strangely laid out, upscale Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant before ending up at Trade. When I got home, I cooked some mashed potatoes to go with some broccoli I had made the previous night and I think it was the milk in the former that caused the problem.

The lobby / atrium of the ginormous Marriott Marquis, Washington, D.C., 9:14PM April 5, 2017.


I had to leave the office in a hurry around 3PM -- by which point the morning / early afternoon heavy downpours had ended and it even cleared up (more on the weather below). Let's just say things were very roiled in my tropical regions extending from my Tropic of Cancer to my Tropic of Capricorn.

So I'm home tonight watching TV and trying to update this blog. Chester called me earlier and we had a nice phone conversation. My TV is just the Antenna TV line up.

On a related note, famed insult comedian Don Rickles died earlier today at age 90. As a tribute, Antenna's nightly re-airing of old Tonight Show episodes tonight features the one from October 2, 1973 -- the start of the 12th year of the show -- because it features Don Rickles (a.k.a., "Mr. Warmth") along with Burt Reynolds, Dean Martin, Buddy Hackett, and Carol Wayne.

Dean Martin came out, of course, with a drink and a cigarette in hand. And Buddy Hackett was so not funny. Too bad Frank Sinatra wasn't there.

Exterior of the "house" part of the Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant, Washington, D.C., 9:22PM April 5, 2017.

This is actually the part that is at the corner of 10th and L Streets NW next to Massachusetts Ave and Samuel Gompers Park.


Here are two obituary articles from the Washington Post and New York Times, respectively, (links embedded):

Here is Don Rickles roasting Frank Sinatra on an episode of Dean Martin Celebrity Roast circa 1978:

It's frickin' hilarious -- all the more so when you realize it was all improvised. And the Hollywood lineup on that dais that he skewers -- including Ronald Reagan before he was president -- is remarkable.

A dining room in the Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant, Washington, D.C., 9:26PM April 5, 2017.


It was a very stormy day as squally thunderstorms traversed the area dropping much needed rain, although there were some damaging winds including the rooftop of Gonzaga High School by Union Station. At one point, there was a tornado warning in effect for the immediate D.C. western suburbs but the cell sweeping from southwest-to-northeast weakened before it caused any serious trouble.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped 12:58PM - 1:32PM EDT April 6, 2017.


Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard composite mode reflectivity looped 12:56PM - 1:27PM EDT April 6, 2017.

This shows when the tornado warning was raised for the western suburbs of D.C. However, the storms weakened somewhat in the following minutes and really didn't cause any problem. Also, the composite mode always looks more dramatic than the base reflectivity mode.


Here is the CWG entry that followed in near real-time the storms' passage across the area.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) advisories updated 1:27PM EDT April 6, 2017.


The storms cleared out by 3PM and it was quite sunny -- only to quickly cloud up and start raining again until early evening when it again cleared. But then it turned partly / variably cloudy and has gotten wind with a gusty westerly breeze and temps around 56F.

Rainfall totals for Thursday, April 6th were as follows:

KDMH: 1.74 inches (30-year data set does not yet exist)

KIAD: 1.57 inches (daily record)

KDCA: 1.57 inches

KBWI: 1.45 inches

This was the wettest day region-wide since September 29th, 2016 -- and the first time in over a year that the four regional main climate stations all had at least 1 inch of precipitation (rainfall) in the same calendar day. (I tried to find the last time that happened but gave up after going back to April 2016.)

NECONUS composite radar mosaic looped 1918 - 2028UTC, April 6, 2017.


Tomorrow is forecasted to be variably / mostly cloudy with a few instability showers and highs only around 53F -- all in all, my kind of early spring day.

Clouds and sky looking south as seen from 13th and U Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 3:36PM April 6, 2017.

It had cleared up at this point but another round of showers was approaching.


As a bit of political commentary, I would like to repost in full Jonathan Chait's pithy entry from earlier today:

A Brief Fact Check of Trump's Claim to Have Enjoyed 13 Weeks of Historic Success

Donald Trump today told reporters, "I think we've had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency." This may be a literally true statement, in the sense that Trump may actually think it. However, it is a strange opinion for a person to hold. Trump has had two executive orders blocked by federal courts; seen his first, major legislative initiative collapse in the House of Representatives after falling to 17 percent in the polls; accepted the resignation of his National Security Adviser; is facing a major investigation by the FBI; has probably violated the Constitution; has assembled a staff riven by utter mutual loathing; and has lowest approval ratings ever recorded for a president as this stage in his term.

He has also only held office for 11 weeks, even though it may feel like 13 or even more.

1400 block of U Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:40PM April 6, 2017.

Earlier -- walking to the Metro station -- I came across a homeless man passed out in the pouring rain, face down on a step of the entrance to the abandoned building at 1438 U Street. He was nonresponsive and it was raining heavily. I called 911 and waited for the firemen to arrive who took over the situation.

I suppose that is this man's only medical care or "doctor's appointment" -- a stranger's 911 call.


Here is an interview of Hillary Clinton by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on why she lost (link embedded): Hillary Clinton Explains Why She Really Lost to Trump.

Blue sky and tender green trees above the row houses in the 1900 block of 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:17PM April 6, 2017.


The four reasons:

* Russia -- "A foreign power meddled with our election," she said, labeling it "an act of aggression." She called for an independent, bipartisan investigation into the Kremlin's involvement and said the probe should examine whether there was collusion with the Trump campaign.

* Misogyny. "Certainly, misogyny played a role. That has to be admitted," she said. Clinton added that "some people -- women included -- had real problems" with the idea of a woman president.

* Comey. Clinton cited as damaging to her campaign his unusual decision to release of a letter on October 28, less than two weeks before Election Day, that said he was looking at additional emails related to the FBI probe of the former secretary of state's use of a private server.

* WikiLeaks. Weeks of disclosures of stolen emails from the personal account of then-Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, were particularly harmful, Clinton said, adding that it "played a much bigger role than I think many people yet understand."

She said the combination of Comey's actions and the WikiLeaks' revelations "had the determinative effect."

Church yard at the corner of S and 16th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 5:20PM April 6, 2017.


There is some news tonight in that Trump ordered a series of air strikes in Syria using Tomahawk missiles on military bases of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad following chemical weapons attacks earlier this week by Assad's forces that killed at least 80 civilians including children.

OK, that's all for this entry. As I mentioned, I'm planning on posting a BIG Y'EYEMAH Creature Feature edition for tomorrow but it is uncertain. Also, my weekend is a bit up in the air as I may visit my mom for reasons I'll go into in a subsequent entry.


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