Sunday, April 2, 2017

47 and Free -OR- Don't Gotta Justify Testify Nothin' ...

**Updated 1:55PM 4/2/2017: See below.**

"YAY, I WIN!!"

Not too bad for 47 years old. Oh, and screw you, you know who.

God, I love this song:

"Now take me to your river / And lay me in your water / And preach to me / Tell me why I need your love, why I got to have your love / Testify your love!"

It's an instant favorite of mine.

Updated 1:55PM 4/2/2017: Er, uh, I just realized it is "testify" rather than "justify" -- after all, that IS the title of the song. I just copied the lyrics I found online, but it is clear to me it is "testify." It is corrected here and in the previous entry. Regulus regrets the dumb error. Of course, that renders the original blog title problematic.

End of Update.

OK, I'm going back to bed until about 1PM and then just enjoying my free Sunday fun-day.


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