Friday, March 3, 2017

A Very Quick (and Pictureless) Posting from Atlanta ...

Apologies for lack of updates. This is just a very quick entry -- and one with no pictures!

I'm here in Atlanta and everything is fine. The workshop went well -- and, most importantly, I made it on time for the 7AM arrival yesterday (it started with a working breakfast).

I went out the last two nights here in the Midtown section where I am staying and really wasn't able to post anything by the time I got back.

The Airbnb place is really nice -- it was a great idea.

Anyway, right now, I have to hurry and get out of here and take the MARTA up to Sandy Springs (Dunwoody) to meet Chris for the second half of my Atlanta trip.

I have lots of pictures that I took / continue to take but no time to post anything, so it might not be until I get back (Sunday) that I can post a new entry -- or, alternatively, it might be Monday.


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