Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Evening Post for February 11th, 2017: The Weather Hex (Code) Edition

**This entry was posted February 11th, 2017.**

An old, nice-looking house, Grove Ave., Falls Church, Va., 2:21PM February 5, 2017.

I think this house is 2315 (or maybe 3215) along Grove Avenue in what is technically Fairfax County. The City of Falls Church city limit is a couple blocks away -- and the street addresses on Grove Avenue drop abruptly into the 300s. This picture and the next three below were taken last Sunday on a walk with Chester starting at the West Falls Church Metro.


Saturday night.

I just finished my laundry and I've already composed my jukebox Saturday Night edition for this week. (Yes, I managed to put one together after last weekend's miss. As for next weekend, I'm visiting my mom and might not be able to post one.)

Houses and a driveway in summer leafy Falls Church, Va., around 2:40PM February 5, 2017.


I am very tired -- and, in fact, I was so tired earlier that I slept in (until about 4PM) and skipped going to the gym today. My plan is to make it up tomorrow. Last night, I met Fred at Annie's for a couple hours and then I went to No. 9 and Trade before walking home.

House and large trees, Falls Church, Va., 2:43PM February 5, 2017.


For tonight, I need to get some dinner so will likely go to OEG Old Bar. Again, for tomorrow, I need to go to the gym and then perhaps visit Kevin at his place in Penn Quarter. He's still recuperating from surgery a couple of weeks ago and there was a complication that brought him back to the hospital for a couple days.

For tomorrow night, I need to do some editing work on a document for my boss. I'll probably just watch the late night line up of old sitcoms on Antenna TV while doing that.

Giant tree and a mansion of some sort -- unsure exact street address or what it is -- in Falls Church, 2:44PM February 5, 2017.

I featured another picture of this spot in this entry.


It's a flat, dull, variably cloudy, and cool (not cold) night with temperatures around 48F at the 9PM hour. This February -- much like this entire worthless winter -- continues to average well above normal with below normal precipitation (and essentially no snow).

It's a sucky pattern that only Sue "Snake Eyes" Palka and someone such as Greg Porter of the CWG find thrilling.

Left: The Palka-Cabra in her natural habitat.

There might be a few rain showers tomorrow followed by very windy conditions -- indeed, there is a high wind watch in effect for the extended Baltimore / Washington region -- as another nor'easter blows up off the coast but basically bypasses here. Meanwhile, coastal New England is in line for another howling blizzard.

NWS weather advisories for the United States updated 0213UTC February 12, 2017 without the legend.

The dark goldenrod colors over Maryland and Virginia denote high wind watches. The hot pink over much of New England are various winter storm warnings and the orange-red -- in Maine -- is blizzard warning. The yellow-green over Cape Cod is a blizzard watch. Offshore are storm warnings (dark violent) and hurricane force wind warnings (western-red).

Yes, I found a convenient NWS help map with the colors and their hex codes here.

At this point, I just want a rainy nor'easter here. Can't even frickin' get that.


OK, that's all for now. my next planned update probably won't be until late Monday or, alternatively, late Tuesday.

Jukebox Saturday Night entry to follow momentarily ...


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