Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jukebox Saturday Night for Feb. 18th, 2017: Bone's Nighttime Urban Grooves and Baby's Morning Train Edition (Plus Brief Update)

First up, a nice piece by Down to the Bone ...

"The Zodiac" by Down to the Bone from the group's release The Urban Grooves: Album II (1999)

Down to the Bone is described -- by the Keeper of All Knowledge -- as an "acid jazz" group, which in turn is described as a musical genre also known as club jazz that combines elements of jazz, soul, funk and disco. For its part, Down to the Bone refers to itself on its website as "cult-soul-jazz funksters."

OK, then.

Of note, while there is a release called The Urban Grooves: Album III in 2000 by Down to the Bone, I can't find any release The Urban Grooves: Album I. The discography of the band suggests its first album was From Manhattan to Staten (1997).


Next up, a really mellow smooth jazz piece ...

"The Secret Garden" by Tony Guerrero from his Now and Then album (1995)

I'm not thrilled about using this particular YouTube version given the Chinese link -- anything involving internet and China raises immediate alarms for me -- but I like the ocean shoreline image quite a bit.


And now for something Saturday night upbeat ...

"9 to 5 (Morning Train)" -- or, alternatively, "Morning Train (9 to 5)" -- by Sheena Easton from her album Take My Time (1981)

Obviously, this song should not be confused with Dolly Parton's song 9 to 5 that came out around the same time.


Brief Update ...

I'm omitting any Saturday Evening Post update this week. In lieu of that, this is just a very brief update ...

I'm visiting my mom in Millersville for part of this extended Presidents Day (er, Washington's Birthday) weekend. I took the train up from D.C. late this afternoon and we had an early dinner seated at the bar at Adams Grille in Severna Park.

We then stopped at the Marley Station Mall -- a mall that is, like so many in the U.S. these days, in terminal decline due to large-scale economic and cultural/behavioral shifts in the population -- to look for a duffle -- or duffel --  bag (one with a strap). However, I could not find one. Instead, I bought a new hoodie and some gym shorts.

Now I'm back here.

It's strange and sad not having Ray here.

Tomorrow, we are going up to Baltimore to see that Shen Yun production at the Hippodrome (Hippos!). I'll head back to D.C. on Monday. My plan is to update the blog tomorrow. I'm not sure what to make of the Shen Yun dance troupe. I get the sense that there is a bit more behind it than is let on.

Before signing off, I would like to post this part of Bill Maher's "New Rules" segment on his most recent Real Time program:

New Rule: The Magic "R"

I'm going to refrain from the whole issue with Milo Yiannopoulos being on the show -- although Larry Wilmore deserves a Tony award for saying to him what he did.

OK, goodnight.


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