Monday, January 16, 2017

T Minus 5 Days to The Twilight Zone -OR- "Hi, I'm James Comey. Fly Me to Trump World!"

My stepfather Ray's snow-covered SUV at sunset, Millersville, Md., 4:44PM January 7, 2017. This was two days after he passed away.


Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day federal holiday. I'm going to try to go into the office today despite the fact it is a holiday, but I'm in a bind with that (see below for explanation).

Martin Luther King Jr. and (next to him to the right) a young Congressman John Lewis.

Donald J. Trump, OBE-E (Orange Buffoon Emperor-Elect) was recently in another one of his foul twitter brawls with Rep. John Lewis, a man who is so vastly his moral and ethical superior that they occupy literally different realities.


I'm back home in D.C. in my tiny dust trap of an apartment. I took a MARC train back yesterday afternoon from Odenton and then went to the gym last night. I'm planning on going back up to Millersville on Thursday night to visit my mom and stepsister Debbie for another few days. (I'll telework there on Friday and, if necessary, Saturday to get in a full 8 hours.)

I have found it very pleasant and therapeutic to be there during this time so soon after my stepfather Ray's death and his funeral. It's just nice to be there with my mom (see above image).


The reason I am going up Thursday night is because the next day, Friday, January 20th, 2016 the United States of America formally enters The Twilight Zone -- or perhaps a Philip K. Dick dystopian alternate reality -- when an epochal historical mistake begins in the form of the installation of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States following his win on a technicality involving that vestigial slave state-appeasing institution of the Electoral College ...

.. not to mention facilitated by the mainstream corporate-whore email that fixated on the bullshit email pseudo-scandal to the near total exclusion of anything else (and here I'm talking about CNN, not the rightwing media/entertainment complex) ...

From the Sunday Herald in Scotland, a TV listing announcing the Trump inauguration coverage as an episode of The Twilight Zone; story here; this was tweeted by George Takei of "Star Trek: TOS" fame.


...and, related to the bullshit email scandal, what amounted to an internal coup by a rightwing cabal of agents within the FBI tacitly headed by the disgraceful James Comey.

James Comey: Leader of the rightwing FBI cabal that launched a successful coup just days before the 2016 presidential election and helped through the outcome to Donald Trump.


But here we are at the start of this nightmare of Donald Trump ...

... and wall-to-wall rightwing Republican government under (to quote Charles Pierce) the "zombie-eyed granny starver" Paul Ryan and the reptilian Mitch McConnell that is set to blow up everything good and decent in the world starting with the act of yanking away health insurance for 20 to 30 million Americans -- many of whom were Trump voters.

Of note, the latest GOP death-for-everybody-not-a-multimillionaire scheme is to hold hostage CHIP reauthorization to force Dems to go along with whatever Ayn Rand-pleasing "plan" that Paul Ryan and his ilk concoct to kill people in the name of "free markets."

However, just to show that it might not be as easy as the GOP hopes, here is a story of some shitty GOP Congressman in Colorado fleeing from a meeting with his constituents -- including a cancer patient whose life depends on Obamacare (sorry, "ObamaCare" in GOP Newspeak) (link embedded): GOP Congressman, Overwhelmed by Constituents Concerned About ACA Repeal, Sneaks Out of Event Early.

Rep. Mike Coffman (inset), tail between his legs, sneaks out the backdoor from an event in Aurora, Colo., that he organized when he realized his constituents weren't at all happy with his Obamacare repeal.

Let's hope this is the start of something big -- like the 2009 "town hall" travesties but in reverse. As for Mike Coffman, he's just your garden-variety teabagger, not to mention a coward.

Here are a few of the top comments from last night from that Slate article:


At least when dems were getting screamed at when the aca was being voted on, they stood there and took the abuse. This guy can't stand there and take it from an old lady cancer survivor? Profiles in courage.

Stumps McGubbin (Achieving total consciousness) Member

100,000k medical bill? Here's your 2k voucher *and* another 500 whole dollars you can deduct on your taxes! You are a winner! This is winning!

Left: The GOP's dream America.

Primecut @Stumps McGubbin (Achieving total consciousness)

Every citizen gets one bottle of tylenol that they can use however they want

Rep. Mike Coffman's upset constituents at that Aurora "town hall" meeting.


Lastly, on politics, please do watch Alec Baldwin's brilliant SNL opening from this past Saturday parodying the Talking Yam-in-Chief'-Elect's opening "press conference" at Trump Tower:

The pee jokes are in reference, of course, to that unsubstantiated dossier of material put together on Trump.

Oh, yes, I forgot to the whole reason I started on this political detour: I need to go up on Thursday night to avoid the throngs of people there for the inauguration including all the protesters that will be in D.C. on Friday and over the weekend. The big protest event is the Million Woman March on Saturday. I want -- need -- to get out of D.C. before all that big mess, and since I have to go through Union Station (which is damn near Ground Zero of the whole affair), it's much better than I leave Thursday night.

As it is, we are required to telework on Friday. I intend to return on Sunday.

This is a second picture of the brilliant mid-winter Sun a cirrus-fleeced blue sky that I took from inside of the funeral limousine en route to Maryland Veterans Cemetery in Crownsville while passing through Millersville, Md., 1:04PM January 13, 2017.


As a brief update, I absolutely need to finish a series of reports (each 4 to 6 pages) by Wednesday night. These reports should have been written a couple months ago but were repeatedly delayed.

I would like to go into the office today -- since I have multiple monitors -- to work on them but I'm unsure if I can get into the office since today is a holiday and I don't know if my keycard works for the elevator.

If I can't get enough of these done today and tomorrow during the day, I'll have to stay up all night tomorrow night to do it. I had planned on going to the gym tomorrow after work, though.

A bright winter's day passing through Millersville, Md., 1:05PM January 13, 2017.


Weather-wise, today is a mostly cloudy, seasonably mid-winter chilly day with temps of 42F at KDCA and 39F at KBWI at the noon hour. Rain showers are forecasted for tonight into Wednesday.

Lastly, as I mentioned, this past weekend while at my mom's place, I watched multiple episodes of "Sanford & Son" as part of a marathon of the show on the TV One network. Here some screenshot scenes from episode "Superflyer" (the first one of which I took last year when watching this episode):

Fred is looking for "Jackie" (a name Lamont cited earlier in the episode to get him to go) to fly her to St. Louis. While he finds many beautiful young stewardesses, he can't find "Jackie" until the return flight ...

"Hi, I'm Jackie."

This is a period reference to the long-defunct National Airlines "Fly Me" ad campaign circa 1971 in which then-pretty female-only flight attendants ("stewardesses" in the parlance of the time) gave their first name and declared "Fly Me!" -- something that angered whatever women's groups at the time.

Fred's reaction.

It's frickin' hilarious.

Redd Foxx was a riot. (Sorry for the blurry image. You get the idea.)


OK, that's all for now. OK, that's all for now. My next planned entry will be on Wednesday or Thursday.


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