Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Evening Post for January 21st, 2017: The On Base and (Way) Off Base Edition

**This entry was posted January 21, 2017. Finalized version.**

**UPDATED 12:34PM 1/22/2017; See below.**

A misty, foggy late afternoon at Annapolis Rd. and Rt. 3, Odenton, Md., 3:58PM January 21, 2017.


This is just a quick Saturday night update ahead of my Jukebox Saturday Night that I have already prepared.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar looped from 10:37PM to 11:20PM EST January 21, 2017.

This looks like a precipitation hosing about to happen -- as in, all the rain will miss our area.


It is a misty / foggy and mild night (for January) with a temperature of 45F at the 11PM hour at nearby KBWI and 48F at KDCA -- and dew points basically to match. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow into Monday and, indeed, there is a slug of moisture south of the D.C. area over central Virginia, although it doesn't appear to be in too big of a hurry to get up here (see above animated Sterling LWX radar image).

NWS weather advisories for the United States (not including the legend) updated 0358UTC January 22, 2017.

All that gray represents dense fog advisories. The bright yellow over the southern half of Mississippi and Alabama are tornado watches. You see, Hillary had a LESBIAN E-MAIL SERVER based in BENGHAZI and until she's locked up in jail, Jesus can't save at Walmart, which, in turn, is causing bad weather in the American South.


Speaking of the weather, another big storm system is slamming into California bringing abundant coastal and valley rains and mountain snows to the central and northern parts of the state. The above map shows all the weather advisories in effect in California and Oregon. I think California is reaching a point where the multi-year extreme drought is ending. That's a good thing.

Pacific SW sector composite mode radar mosaic looped 0228 to 0338UTC January 22, 2017.


San Francisco Bay Area (MUX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped 7:43PM to 8:20PM PST January 21, 2017.

The hourly obs for KSFO shows just 0.14" since 6PM PST but about 1.5" for the last three days.


Updated 12:34PM 1/22/2017

I just wanted to note on this early Sunday afternoon the heavy rainfall now impacting Southern California in what is mid-morning there.

Pacific SW sector composite mode radar mosaic looped 1528 to 1638UTC January 22, 2017.


Los Angeles (Mount Sulphur) (VTX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped 8:24AM to 9:07AM PST January 22, 2017.

That east-west line that appears is simply because the radar can't "see" over the mountainous terrain. Of note, the cumulative three-day hourly obs for KLAX and KCQT show 1.91" and 2.48", respectively, for rainfall.


Nearer to my part of the world ...

NWS office weather advisories for the New York / Upton (OKX) county warning area (CWA) updated at 12:21PM January 22, 2017.

Note the hurricane force wind warning for the Atlantic waters off the south shore of Long Island. This confusing-sounding advisory -- one that was used to maximum confusion during Hurricane Sandy -- is for the low pressure system forecasted to swing through late tonight into tomorrow. For the Baltimore/Washington area, Sterling LWX has no weather advisories in effect yet -- just a forecast of "rainy and breezy."

End of Update.


Tonight, after dinner, my mom, Debbie, and I watched the 1997 movie Contact starting Jodie Foster. I've seen it at least twice before and I love it. Trouble tonight was, the DirecTV network on which we watched it has incessant and insufferable commercials literally every 10 minutes -- stretching out the movie to 3-1/2 hours.

Lunch at Ruth's Chris Steak House with my mom, Debbie, and yours truly, Odenton, Md., January 20, 2017.


Earlier this Saturday, we went onto Fort Meade (my mom has a military ID) and stopped at the Exchange (what I guess is the descendent of the old PX) and then to the Fort Meade Commissary. It was an interesting experience -- especially as I had not been on Fort Meade in many years. It's hard to overstate the -- oh, never mind. I will say that the Fort Meade Commissary grocery store was very crowded with people.

Our table at Ruth's Chris Steak House, Odenton, Md., January 20, 2017.


I'm heading back to D.C. tomorrow. Things should have settled down, or at least I hope so.

For starters, the Vulgar Talking Yam has been installed as part of the new Trump - Putin regime with James Comey as usefully idiotic water boy and Paul Ryan as (to quote Charles Pierce) zombie-eyed granny starver as part of the bizarre and deeply abnormal Ayn Rand cultic philosophy that infuses the GOP's white entho-nationalistic, Know Nothing approach to all knowledge and governance. Oh, and the half-human / half-pug Mormon thug Jason Chaffetz has promised to spend the rest of eternity investigating Hillary's lesbian email server.

The bar at American Legion Post 276, Severn, Md., 4:04PM January 20, 2017.

The bar crowd was watching (and applauding) the (relatively speaking, sparsely attended) inaugural parade on the half dozen plus flat screen TVs around the bar that were all tuned to Fox News Channel -- until a big, bearded guy came in and sat next to us and put on The Jerry Springer Show (which I didn't realize was still being made).

Somehow, that was appropriate.


Men's room toilet blockage warning sign, American Legion Post 276, Severn, Md., January 20, 2017.

Part of this was cut-off including the part about stormwater.


Secondly, today's huge protest marches came and went in D.C. (and many other cities around the country). (I quite liked what Madonna had to say in her surprise appearance at the one in D.C.)

I know multiple people who went to the D.C. protests and described its enormity. Here is Jonathan Chait's take on what the protests represent even if nothing changes for the short-to-medium term.

Entrance to the Exchange, Fort Meade, Md., 2:27PM January 21, 2017.


Trumpolini and the GOP cult are already busy trying to ram through the whole rightwing laundry list of nightmares starting with taking health insurance away from 30 million Americans and obliterating the biosphere. The American right is a very deranged and diseased thing -- as a political philosophy and system of governance, it is basically the equivalent of the Ebola virus: Something so deadly that it kills off the host so quickly that it destroys itself.

Shoppers at the Fort Meade Exchange, Fort Meade, Md., 2:29PM January 21, 2017.


In the case of Trump, this vulgar buffoon and world-class huckster that successfully worked a broken and dysfunctional system to become U.S. President on a technicality is busy carrying out publicly and embarrassingly airing every conceivable grudge and grievance he has with everyone and everything -- the supply of which is uncountably infinite and that would any other human being in his position wouldn't think to take, but this venal, megalomaniacal man-child can't help himself.

The customer service desk, the Exchange, Fort Meade, Md., 2:51PM January 21, 2017.


For tomorrow, I have to complete a much-delayed work-related task -- and it probably means that I'll be up all night into the wee hours to do so. However, I plan on going to the gym right after I get back tomorrow.

The Fort Meade Commissary is well-stocked with Bubba Burgers. Thank God. Everything is right in this Universe.


Lake Burba, Fort Meade, Md., 3:39PM January 21, 2017.

This is in a nicer corner of the sprawling Fort Meade military base. However, I have no idea why this lake is called "Burba" but the lake and the surrounding grounds are infested with aggressive Canada geese that are basically perpetual shitting machines.


OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be late Tuesday, which is a gym night and by which I mean likely after midnight Wednesday.

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry to follow momentarily.


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