Friday, January 20, 2017

Out of Dodge ... and Into the Whirlwind: America Descends Into a Dark Age as the Orange Buffoon Emperor Ascends the Throne

**This entry was posted January 20, 2017.**

Mammatus clouds at sunset over historic Dodge City, Kansas, May 26, 2016; photo by Zach Roberts.


So in a little over an hour (from the time I started this entry), the Talking Yam becomes the Orange Buffoon Emperor and an epochal historical tragedy that will likely permanently damage this already-damaged country / late stage empire will get underway -- facilitated by a whore-media that pretends desperately this is all normal while directly contributing to the situation that created it (to be clear, I'm talking about CNN and the networks, not the rightwing media/entertainment complex) and one of the two parties in this country that has been transformed into a white ethno-national movement with profoundly and dangerously abnormal views of the world.

I got the hell out of Dodge (that is, D.C.) last night, taking a 9PM MARC train up to BWI Airport where I met my mom and Debbie (my stepsister who is staying with her in the wake of Ray's death through the end of January).

Earlier, I made it to the gym on what was the first of two days that are teleworking. (Today, the federal gov't is closed but as a contractor, I have to work remotely.) I had a decent multi-part workout and the downstairs weight room was not crowded.

It was profoundly offensive having to pass through Union Station (I took the Metrorail Red Line from Dupont Circle). Not only was the entire main hall blocked off in a police state set up that would do proud the totalitarian state in London in George Orwell's 1984, but the rest of the place was mobbed with all the pasty-faced, corn syrup-and-hormonal cheap beef-bloated Trumpkins in town from the Outer Provinces for installation of their Cheeto Jesus.

How to tell them that between Trumpolini and the wall-to-wall rightwing radical GOP government our deranged and dysfunctional political system hath wrought -- the one where the winner still loses despite getting nearly 3 million more votes and where every lower chamber district is gerrymandered into oblivion while the upper chamber structurally favors the rubes -- will make their life far, far worse?

Well, you don't. You just blame the fact that Hillary had a funny email server and maybe is a lesbian. Or maybe her email server was the lesbian.

Can't wait until all 32 million of them lose their health insurance. Remember: the answer is always the same: "Emails." And if that doesn't satisfy, then: "Benghazi."

Then there's that little matter of runaway climate change and a planet fouled to the point that the next great extinction is well underway. Not to worry: The citizens of Jesus-Land "don't believe it" and that makes it all good.

Not sure if the Buddha actually said that but it's an absolutely lovely quote.

I grabbed a piece of pizza at a mobbed Sbarros and realized I was seated next to some Outer District idiot in a baseball cap, stupid expression on his face, and his two bloated, stupid male teenage offspring in "Make America Great Again" with a pile of chicken bones on a plastic plate in front of them and 32-ounce Dr. Peppers.

Oh, and the inaugural balls were underway and the denizens of those looked like exurban trash prom mom rejects and their 300-pound loser mates trying -- and badly failing -- to be dressed up classy.

Dusk in the 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 5:12PM January 19, 2017.


Now the big protests are scheduled for Saturday, so tonight should be interesting (as in scary) in D.C. with the mixing of those two worlds.

The good news is that it is raining and chilly today here in the Baltimore/Washington area and the Secret Service -- ever on top of things while their rightwing brethren at the FBI launch what amount to October surprise coups -- have banned umbrellas on the National Mall. Good. Pneumonia for everyone.

Of course, God being what He is, He'll swing into action and clear it up one minute before noon so that Trump and that high-class call girl trophy third wife of his and (in media-narrative whore-speak) "bathed in sudden, evocative winter sunlight that was the perfect metaphor for the hope that this new order brings to so many Americans."

Frig you.

Oh, and then it will be all inaugural ball gown news.

OK, that's all for now. We -- my mom, Debbie, and I -- are going to lunch a bit later and then tonight I really need to spend meaningful time finishing up the last two reports of the five I had due at work. The good news is that there is NO inaugural coverage on here in the little trailer. That's one small saving grace.


I'm planning on returning home to D.C. on Sunday. Blogging between now and Monday is going to be thin.

OK, so now it's into the whirlwind ...

...See you on the other side.


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