Friday, January 27, 2017

Midwinter Night's Starry Dream: An Adorable Premature Baby Hippo Theme, Not a Donald Trump Epochal Disaster Meme

The starry winter sky featuring the constellation Orion and planet Jupiter as seen from the Mojave National Preserve, Calif., in a photo by photographer Kevin Palmer, January 31, 2014.

Mr. Palmer referred to this as the "Winter Pentagon" because of the presence of Jupiter vis-à-vis the entire constellation Orion but the two permanent celestial features are the Winter Triangle and the Winter Hexagon.


Back from the gym on this gusty, blustery, starry night.

Actually, the air temp is not really cold for a normal late January night -- it's 44F at the midnight hour at KDCA with a 27F dew point, but there is a gusty westerly wind.

This January continues to average well above normal with the following temp departures through January 26th at the three main regional airport climate stations:

KDCA: +6.6F
KBWI: +6.6F
KIAD: +7.0F

There is virtually no chance of snow this January or really this winter, but I'm not really perturbed by that as I would have been / was in past years. I wouldn't mind (actually would enjoy) some additional rainfall -- maybe another wet and windy nor'easter.

The CWG had this entry about the snowless winter. (Alas, the comment section to that entry was flooded with anti-snow trolls.)

To date, KDCA has had only 0.4 inches but KBWI and KIAD are also quite low at 0.7 inches each. By contrast, places south of here have had a lot more snow including KRIC with 7.1 inches, KORF with 5.3 inches. Williamsburg has had over 12 inches.

San Francisco/Monterrey NWS (MTR) infographic tweet on the rainy January 2017 across the Bay Area.


There was also this good entry about how much coastal / valley rain and mountain snow have fallen in California and helped greatly ease the historic drought that was afflicting nearly the entire state. See images directly above and below from that entry.

U.S. Drought Monitor Map for the State of California: October 25, 2016 versus January 24, 2017.


So right now, I'm watching Antenna TV, right now an episode of a show I had never even heard of (despite the fact it was on for six years from 1998 to 2004) but that is quite funny and interesting: Becker starring Ted Danson.

View from my office overlooking SW Washington, D.C., 5:21PM January 24, 2017.


An Adorable Premature Baby Hippo, Not a Disaster Human Orangutan ...

I was going to write about the ongoing Trump presidency catastrophe -- and we are only just reaching the one-week mark -- but there are so many moving parts to this epochal disaster that is only JUST BEGINNING that there is really no way to summarize it, and I've decided for this entry not to even try.

One of a series of pictures of a premature baby hippo born earlier this week at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Yes, that Cincinnati Zoo. Thank you to my good friend Chester for pointing me to this happy story.


I just don't see how Trump himself lasts for four years as president. I think there might be something to the issue that Trump is mentally unbalanced -- and likely to get worse. He won't quit, of course, but were the time come for a successful impeachment, he would likely resign ahead of time. Of course, he might also do something really nuts, too.

Anything is possible with him.

Donald Trump's oddly creepy and characteristically bullyingly aggressive-looking "official" White House portrait.


As for professional rightwing radical GOP rule (think Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan), I can easily see that lasting for years, especially with the upcoming Republican schemes to screw with the Electoral College in way analogous to what was done with the House districts after the 2010 Census to disenfranchise as many Democrats as possible -- and allow for GOP presidential race electoral "victories" in states that they fail to carry.

The baby hippo -- which weighed in at 29 pounds versus the 50 to 100 pounds that is normal for a newborn hippo -- was born six weeks premature and is being closely cared for by zoo staff.


Anyway, it's late and I'm tired and need to go to bed. Last night -- a non-gym night -- I met Andrea at Baan Thai and we had a nice dinner and some drinks. Thereafter, I went to Trade and had too much to drink before walking home. Actually, I think I took a cab the short distance up 16th Street.

What an incredibly adorable, as-yet-unnamed baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo; the hippo is showing positive signs.


Getting up this morning was very difficult, but the good news -- in a manner of speaking -- is that I'm presently in a slow period at work (after a very busy period in December and early January).

Moeraki Boulders, Koekohe Beach, Otago region, South Island, New Zealand.


I'm signing off for now. My next planned entry will be Saturday. For Sunday, I'm meeting my mom and Debbie for lunch. They are coming into D.C. for a few hours. (Debbie returns to Texas on Tuesday.)

OK, g'night.


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