Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Lost Rainy Day Somewhere in Maryland, Early January 2017

OK, I started this entry last night but never completed it.

It's almost 2PM and I'm at my mom and Ray's little place in Millersville for a one-night visit. Given Ray's condition, I need to visit here on a regular basis this year. Ray is in bad condition and the whole situation is bad and very stressful on my mom. Being under end-of-life hospice care at home (where you are basically trapped) means that you don't really have the opportunity to discuss things with any doctors -- it's just nurses who visit. But that's how hospice care is intentionally (and necessarily) structured.

I'm very concerned because of all the obligations on my mom and I just can't be here enough. Of note, my stepsister Debbie arrives for an indeterminate stay starting next Friday. I'm actually worried what would happen if we had any major snowfall this winter. I just might have to come up here and help them shovel out. I can't leave her here with no help.

It's a rainy, misty, chilly day with temps in the 43F to 45F range and dew points almost the same. Rainfall amounts today have been in the 1/2" to 3/4" range and through 5PM for the past 48 hours included the following:

KDCA: 1.21"
KBWI: 1.14"
KIAD: 1.19"
KDMH: 1.30"

It has been in this temp and dew point range for the past 24 hours.


We need the rain. 2016 was too goddamn warm and too goddamn dry, among too many other goddamn things.

Sterling LWX preliminary 2016 climate review for KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD.


Much colder conditions for the second half of the week. There is a chance of snow -- or maybe even two chances -- but it's mostly just blah, blah, blah. (I was going to post that as a comment but Walter in Falls Church beat me to it by hours.)

Here is the Tuesday evening entry on the two chances: Two chances for snow late this week as Arctic air pours into region.

Looking north along 15th St NW from P St NW, Washington, D.C., 10:04PM January 2, 2017.


From previous (written last night when I was in a less charitable mood; the pictures were inserted today):

Last night (Sunday), I went to Logan Tavern with an acquaintance who lives in my building. We had dinner there and then went to Trade, where we (as usual) ended up parting in the boozy haze -- this time after midnight Monday ahead of the New Year's Day federal holiday that occurred on January 2nd this year. I got to bed around 130AM.

I didn't finally get up and out of bed until frickin' 330PM today (Monday), although I was certainly awake a lot -- in between chaotic and weird dreams. It was just too dark and my fan whirling too somniferously for me to get up.


Christmas Sidebar 1 ...

The Christmas decorations in the yard of a house along the 1600 block of 16th St NW, Washington, D.C., 1:16AM January 2, 2017.

I have featured the various seasonal holiday decorations in this yard numerous times in the past four months including recently these Christmas decorations. However, it appears that I have been making a big mistake of attribution in attributing these decorations to the adjacent Church of the Holy City - National Swedenborgian Church. I've been doing so because I thought this was the rectory yard. However, I have learned that this house is actually a private residence belonging to this guy. And here is his election year story.

I simply cannot go back and redo all the entries to correct this but I do want to note it here.


Christmas Sidebar 2 ...

Speaking of gay men's queer-minded Christmas decorations ...

Behold the "all male" Nativity scene at JRs, Washington, D.C., Christmas season 2016 with the Virgin Mary replaced by another man.

Now I wonder if M. WADE Tipamillyun had any part in coming up with such an urban gay narcissistically expropriated caricature of a Christian idea or if this was all DeeP'Oooza's the Crow's concept. If I had to proffer a guess, I'd say it's the latter.

In any event, it really is too bad that Fox News and the larger conservative entertainment complex didn't pick up on this story as it is so ready-made for keeping the rubes hopped up on the "Liberal War on Christmas" prole-feed. That topic arouses all the right spots on the GOP body politic erogenous zones.

And with that, Christmas 2016 is officially over on this blog even if we haven't reached the Orthodox Christmas yet. Putin can celebrate that one by hacking everything in site and assisting Trump.


Drizzly, gloomy day, 15th and New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 4:41PM January 2, 2017.


I made it to the gym by about quarter to five. The place was crowded but not as badly as I feared. (I expect it to be quite mobbed during the month of January and into February owing to all those New Year's resolutions.) Overall, I had a good workout although I couldn't do my usual 1-hour jog (plus five minute cool down) continuously but had to stop twice.

It was just difficult. But in the end, I got in 6.63 miles.

I also had a decent weightlifting routine and then a core workout and finally went swimming.

Sunset on the Potomac River, Jan. 1, 2017; photo by Flickr user Satyka Ponnaluri and reposted in this CWG entry.


I went out for a bit tonight -- stopping at Trade where I talked to Bishop Charlie -- and then went to that depressing 17th Street Safeway to do some grocery shopping. I was craving some spaghetti and meat sauce, so I bought ingredients for that including raw ground beef that I cooked.

In the end, I made enough spaghetti and meat sauce for eight people, so I have a veritable ton of it left over.

Rainy day outside the Baltimore Café coffee shop, Odenton, Md., 11:59AM January 3, 2017.


I'm going to wrap up this entry but I do want to post a link to this Jonathan Chait piece about what is likely with the upcoming rightwing radical Republican blitzkrieg in Congress ahead of and to-be-facilitated-by the nightmare of the Orange Buffoon Emperor's (OBE's) installation on January 20th.

Here it is (link embedded):

Repeal and Delay is Forever.

This has to do with repealing the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., Obamacare or -- in GOP-speak -- ObamaCare. (The "c" gets capitalized.) The strategy of this evil monstrosity is called "repeal and delay" and it's as stupid and unworkable as it sounds.

But not to worry because all blame for what's about to happen where it belongs: On Hillary's Email Server. And it's not just the conservative entertainment complex that will do this but CNN and it's "both sides" bullshit false equivalence and normalization of the highly abnormal. This abnormal included, of course, what amounted to an FBI-facilitated coup as the "October surprise" at the behest of James Comey and the cabal around him.

Paul Krugman summed it all up quite well yesterday: America Becomes a Stan.

Rainy day, Odenton, Md., 11:59AM January 3, 2017.


What I do want to state here and now, though, is that as the months unfold with all their political horrors, I will not be posting detailed accounts of this. That is, I'm not going even to attempt to blog America's turn to oligarchical fascism and unchecked idiocracy. And I certainly won't be repeated whatever verbal diarrhea comes out of Trump -- whether by Twitter or out of his cakehole.

2017 is going to be a long year...

Baltimore Café coffee shop, Odenton, Md., 12:22PM January 3, 2017.


OK, that's all for now. My next entry likely won't be until later in the week.


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