Monday, December 5, 2016

Yes, Another Monday Plus Brief Weekend Recap

Tara River Canyon, Montenegro; source image here.


Just a quick update this mid-morning if only to post a new lead entry...

Monday morning.

This was a rough weekend because of Friday night. The rest of it was OK including a nice dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill at the Old Bar (Larry and Andrea are always so good to me) and a bit of dinner at the bar at La Tomate last night. Jonathan -- a.k.a., Jay Gatsby -- was welcoming to me.

Another view of the Tara River Canyon in Montenegro; source image here.


Later, I met Andrew at Trade and we ended up at D-I-K bar where I had an unexpected, pleasant meeting with Brett. However, I had a migraine headache yesterday afternoon that started with quite the aural display.

OK, I'm off to work. Tonight is a gym night and I'll update the blog with a new entry, although it's not going to be a lengthy one. Honestly, I'm feeling very blogged out there these days ...


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