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Saturday Evening Post for December 10th, 2016: Looking for the Man in the High Castle Edition

**This entry was posted December 10th, 2016.**

Low-angled sunlight as seen outside my apartment building, Washington, D.C., 3:42PM December 10, 2016.


Saturday night and I'm doing my usual post-gym multi-tasking of laundry, blogging, and making something to eat to hold me over until I go, as usual, to Old Ebbitt Grill around 1130PM for a late dinner.

Overall, it was a good gym workout, although I didn't get started until nearly 4PM. I managed to do a full 6-mile jog and cool down on the treadmill, and I also got in an hour of weight-lifting time before going into the swimming pool. I'm actually kind of sore, especially in the nether regions (lower back). I hope I didn't over do it.

It is a cold and blustery night under clear, moonlit skies. Temperatures are already below freezing across the Metro D.C. area including at National Airport (KDCA) itself where it is 31F at the 9PM hour. KBWI and KIAD are at 27F and 26F, respectively, at the 9PM hour.


A really cold blast of air is expected by the middle of next week -- preceded by some rain on Monday and possibly rain / snow on Wednesday -- as a lobe of the polar vortex pays a visit to parts of eastern North America. The CWG had this informative entry about it yesterday (link embedded):

Here is an animated gif from that entry:

The entry doesn't really describe what this except to say it helps you trace the Arctic air next week. It is an animation of 500mb geopotential heights -- color coded -- showing the polar vortex sliding into eastern North America, grazing the Northeastern U.S. I'm unsure of the days but I've marked the file as Dec. 12 - 16, 2016 timeframe.


Because it involves the polar vortex, it has naturally brought out all the climate change denying trolls, Know Nothings, and alt-right provocateurs. At present, there are 438 comments and the most liked one is that of Arcturus24 -- that is, my comment-- with 40 likes. It states the following:

"Hmm. Just one other comment 45 minutes into an online WaPo article about the polar vortex. Now as soon as Yahoo's news feed picks this up, there will be 2,021 comments broken down as follows:

912 comments on the theme of "Global Warming is Al Gore Hoax;"

475 comments with the theme of "Is snowing. Where is you [sic] global warming is [sic] now? He he;"

208 "Donald Trump make Murica Great Again and Lock Hillary Up!" comments;

193 "Earn Cash Fast!" phishing comments linking to sundry online scams;

177 comments falling into the category of liberals arguing with the Know Nothings;

45 bots trying to sell Viagra comments; and

11 comments featuring just Chinese characters with embedded links -- clicking on any of which will require you to get a new computer.

The marketplace of ideas, indeed."

By way of explanation, I wrote it when there was only 1 other comment. One of the responses to it states: "I don't know who you are, but your comment is the best thing I've read in a month."

Cascading stream, Monte Aloia Nature Park, Spain. (The previous picture is also from there.)


The second most liked comment (presently at 36 likes) is from "worriedmom" and is worth reposting as well:

"Trolls - let me save you the trouble:

1. It's all hoax and any data to show climate change must be falsified. Or it's some source of information that can't be trusted under any circumstances (unless it says something you like).

2. Anyone working in environmental advocacy must be trying to make a quick buck but deniers are trying to save the world.

3. It was hot/warm/cool/cold at other times so this is obviously all made up.

4. It's all Obama's fault. Or Clinton's.

5. Email Servers. Benghazi.

6. This must be connected to illegal immigration or people who own pizza parlors.

Let me give you a little perspective, no one and I mean NO ONE who believes in climate change wants it to be true. It's scarier than the orange puppet being president by any number of degrees. But putting your head in the sand won't make it go away."

The pizza parlor reference is related to an ugly situation dubbed by the too-cute-name "pizzagate" involving Comet Ping Pong pizzeria on Connecticut Avenue here in D.C. that was the focus of an alt-right / Breitbart fake news conspiracy theory in which Hillary Clinton was supposed to be running a child sex trafficking ring out of it, and some Trump-crazed lunatic from North Carolina with an assault rifle showed up last weekend to "investigate" the story himself and was arrested by the MPD before anyone was killed.

Your average Trump supporter busy "making America great again."


It is important to note that the political climate domestically is very ugly with rightwingers running amok -- in particular, in online forums -- with promises of McCarthyite witch hunts by the incoming Trump / radical Republican regime against any and all who were involved in climate science, in particular in federal agencies.

Oklahoma's finest. Frack you, too.


I do want to say the following:

I have been making a conscious effort to deemphasize politics on this blog because it's going to be a long and ugly 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 to unspecified number of years of one-party rule under an authoritarian buffoon in the form of Donald Trump and both Houses of Congress controlled by radical Republicans that are a mix of Ayn Rand lunatics and fundamentalist whack-jobs.

Jonathan Chait has been doing a great job of chronicling the unfolding horror show. There are just too many entries to link, though, right now.

Trump himself is creating a Cabinet that is every bit as bad as you can imagine -- filled with a rouges gallery of ultra-rich creeps, grifters, thieves, corporate oligarchs, ideologues, Know Nothings, climate change deniers, ecocidists, domestic abusers, goons, and all-around monsters. Indeed, it's less a rouges gallery and more a Land of the Living Dead.

In other words, about what you'd expect in the current political climate -- and from him, a megalomaniacal and vengeful buffoon.

Times Square, New York City, 1962 in an alternate reality where Nazi Germany was victorious, based upon the Philip K. Dick novel "The Man in the High Castle" and adapted into the web TV series of same name.


Donald Trump is basically setting up -- unimpeded -- a kleptocracy to enrich himself and all of this was enabled by his Electoral College victory. (In terms of the popular vote, he is now down by 2.7 million or about 2 percentage points, but that matters for naught.)

Oh, and the Republicans in Congress are actually to make a run at raiding Social Security while blowing up Medicare -- all in the first 100 days. This includes "voucherizing" Medicare and slashing Social Security benefits possibly starting in 2019. How the Rust Belt and Appalachian White Working Class (WWC) -- those who elected Trump and are his worshipful base -- will react to this isn't clear.

My guess is they won't notice because they'll just be kept distracted by Fox / rightwing talk radio bullshit about e-mails and Benghazi and the Democrat(ic) party is coming for their guns -- all while having endless witch hunt hearings against climate scientists.

As for the mainstream whore-media -- not Fox or the other rightwing propaganda outlets but CNN and the like -- they aren't only useless but actively complicit in what happened. Anderson Cooper himself continues to feature "both sides" of "the debate" when it's really nothing but evil that has taken hold. He just wants to talk about what really matters in his mind: E-mails and Benghazi.

The CIA is looking into whatever Russian government election-related cyber-shenanigans went on and Trump is foaming at the mouth on his out-of-control twitter feed about it. I'm sure he'll try to sic the FBI on the CIA -- and the FBI will oblige.

Oh, and let me add that I've decided to flee Washington, D.C., the weekend of the inauguration. The actual installation of our dictator Trump will occur, as ever, on January 20th -- which falls on a Friday this coming January. I'm planning on going to New York City to visit my friend BK, and we may go to his house in rural Connecticut.

An adaption of North America in the world of Philip K. Dick's "The Man in the High Castle" alternative reality in which the Axis won World War II, defeating the Allies and conquering the United States.


The LAST thing I need is to be in D.C. that Friday or Saturday night with a bunch of heat-packing drunken Trump lunatics marauding around the city on the prowl "looking to make America great again."

No thank you.

2000 block New Hampshire Ave, Washington, D.C., 3:42PM December 10, 2016.


Anyway, that's all for now. My plan for tonight is to go to Old Ebbitt Grill, perhaps stopping at 9 or Trade first. For tomorrow, I'm supposed to have lunch in Bethesda with Quill.

There is some good news in that Ray left the hospital and was doing somewhat better but my mom is setting up the whole hospice care thing.

Row houses in the 1400 block of W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:46PM December 10, 2016.


OK, that's all for now. I'm uncertain if I'll be able to post an entry on Monday night or not until late Tuesday. In the meantime, a jukebox Saturday night entry to follow momentarily ...


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