Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Neither (Burma) Shaven Nor Shorn, But Just a Little Washington Wet and December Forlorn*

*With apologies to a certain British nursery rhyme.

Either sunset or sunrise in (Bagan?) Burma (Myanmar), December 3, 2016.


So I just had to share this text message that Andrea sent me yesterday from Burma (and she said it was OK if I did) ...

"Yesterday, I took the river boat from Bagan to Mandalay. The whole region looks trapped in time, which is super neat because it probably looks about the same as when my dad was in Southeast Asia in the 50s. Which is a particularly neat way to think about his life, since I'm struggling with the anniversary of his death this week."

Imara and Andrea in Bagan, Burma, December 3, 2016.


Yes, Andrea is in Burma with Imara (who is there for work) and, yes, I am able to get texts from Burma. The Burma pictures in this entry are those that Andrea sent me on Saturday. I've no idea where they were taken -- I think Bagan -- or what time. (Burma is 11-1/2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so it's basically on the opposite side of Planet Earth from here.)

I think this is in Bagan.


Oh, and yes, I realize the country is called Myanmar, but I'm just going to stick with Burma.

Or is it Burma Shave??

I love that name "Mandalay" (no, not the casino) -- I think that's one of my favorite place names of all.

Others I like ... Ouagadougou, Nouakchott (gesundheit), and Dakar ...

If I ever do make it to New Zealand, it is going to be on a trip with Andrea and Imara. What's more, Andrea's trip planning abilities are unrivaled. (At the very least, we are going to see the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21st next year down in South Carolina.)


As a brief update ...

Home at this late hour -- and with my internet connection now working. I'm no where near done on the edits to the big MYPP document including all the footnote / reference work. It sort of calls to mind the Herculean effort I put forth on the reference work for the ginormous Hawaii PEIS document (in that case, there were approx. 500 unique references across that door-stopper of a document).

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped from 312PM - 355PM EST Dec. 6, 2016.

I haven't featured a Sterling radar loop on this blog in a long time.


It was quite a rainy day today with about 1" area-wide. It was the most sustained wettest day since this past summer, and it was therefore welcome even if it was cold and gloomy (which I sort of like anyway).

Northeastern CONUS composite radar mosaic looped from 1928 to 2038UTC Dec. 6, 2016.


The preliminary regional rainfall numbers for Dec. 6th, 2016 were as follows and the year-to-date totals and departures:

KDCA: 1.03" / 30.49" -6.85" [See note 1]

KBWI: 0.80" / 38.94" -0.40" [See note 2]

KIAD: 1.03" /34.33" -4.91" [See note 3]

KDMH: 0.74" / 38.24" +0.07" [See note 4]



Note 1: Wettest day at KDCA since Aug. 15, 2016 when 1.16" fell.

Note 2: KBWI preliminary numbers weren't available for some reason, so this is an estimate.

Note 3: KIAD daily record

Note 4: KDMH does not have a full 30-year record as yet.

OK, I think that's all for now. I really need to get to sleep.

Of note, I cannot believe all the trouble I've been having getting up in the morning. It's sort of worrisome.

As for my stepfather, he was admitted to the hospital and is there for at least two days to see what's going on with this breathing issues. He's a Vietnam vet and has resulting health issues that became acute a few years ago. I'll be going to visit my mom (and him) for Christmas.

1900 block New Hampshire Ave NW, 4:16PM Dec. 4, 2016.


As for my dad, I'm supposed to call him tomorrow night. Tomorrow is another non-gym night, and I'd like to stop at Trade after work if possible. (Dec. 7th is the one-year anniversary of its official opening -- yes, Pearl Harbor Day.) I plan to go to the gym on Thursday night.

La Tomate, Washington, D.C., 5:32PM December 4, 2016.


OK, that really is all for now. Time to go to bed and, perhaps, have another spell of the strangest dreams that just play out as if I'm living some other life / lives on some alternate Earth(s), but let's save that topic for another entry.


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