Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for Dec.17th, 2016: The Windy Writing, Morning Heartache, and Night Moves Edition

OK, let's start out with something really nice ...

"Written in the Wind" by Eric Marienthal from Voices of the Heart album (1988)

Eric Marienthal is a prolific musician -- saxophonist -- who has written many pieces over the years. Here is Eric's website.


Next up, one of the classics ...

"Good Morning Heartache" by Chris Botti featuring Jill Scott from Botti's album To Love Again (2005)

This song was, of course, most famously performed by the great Billie Holiday (in January 1946).


Finally, this is the kind of old school "electronica" House music that I've always liked. I wouldn't call this particular one "trance" but instead it's definitely in what is generically known as "House" genre ...

"Night Moves" by Nightriders from the duo's Night Moves Vol. 1 album (2010)

Nightriders are an interesting House music duo from Boston. Their website is here, although the discography information and the actual band site are elsewhere (Facebook and iTunes, respectively).


OK, that's all for now. My next entry might not be until Tuesday night since I'm planning on a Tuesday/Thursday gym schedule for the upcoming week. Please see my previous entry for a brief update.


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