Thursday, December 22, 2016

An Eve of Eve of Christmas Eve Morning Entry: A Mile 150 House Homestead for My Betrothed

A Swiss chalet-style house located at 2894 Prospector Road in the summertime in a place called 150 Mile House, British Columbia, that was for sale / listed on RE/MAX.

It doesn't look like that in the winter up there.


A quick morning update on this the first full day of astronomical winter.

It will be quick as I want to try to get into work before 11AM today in order to finish two tasks. Also, we're having an in-office lunchtime potluck starting around 1130AM. (Well, lunchtime for me is more like 2PM, but this is more attuned the regular work schedule world.) Of note, I'm not expected to bring anything -- just myself. Funny how allowances are made for me.

I went to the gym last night and had a good multi-part workout ending with a swim.

More Mile 150 House: A lot for sale (Lot 17) on Gold Digger Drive, Mile 150 House, British Columbia, Canada.

For better or worse, I'm too much of a city person to live in a place like that. I know some folks would go happy nuts over an opportunity to live there.


So I tried to post an entry last night after I got back from the gym, but I just couldn't do it. For one thing, I read too many disparate online pieces -- including some interesting ones by Sean Illing (formerly of but spending his talents in far better fashion at his new gig these days).

As I tend to get distracted easily, each new piece I read becomes the focus of my thoughts and of a planned entry -- until it's so late that I need to go to bed and no entry happens.

This is going to be an ongoing difficult challenge for me in the Age of the Trumpian Kleptocracy and vicious One-Party GOP oligarchical rule.


Changing subjects to a happier matter ...

Now there's a faithful plush hippo:

Flippo, my plush baby hippo and trans-dimensional angelic being planning good things for the Multi-verse (even this shitty, broken local Universe corner of it).


For tonight, I don't really have any plans. I'm low on money although I may stop one of my usual places. I'll try to post an entry -- including links to the aforementioned pieces.

Oh, yes, I did propose to my BETROTHED, BIG Y'EYEMAH ... a.k.a., my Y'eyemapotamus... with the promise of a new life in Mile 150 House, British Columbia. But, alas, my dainty beloved said no, not at this time.

Maybe next time, darling. "Huggin' and chalkin'" and all that.


I'm taking tomorrow off from work (despite a negative vacation balance) and will try to do an assortment of chores -- gym, visit to Macy's to buy a birthday and Christmas present for my mom and perhaps a Christmas present for Ray, maybe finally get a haircut, and laundry. I'll head to their place on Saturday and return probably on Monday (the day after Christmas that this year is the actual federal holiday since Christmas falls on a Sunday).

The weather is sunny-to-partly cloudy and seasonable / blah with no active weather of any note forthcoming. Today's high should be around 50F (although at KDCA, it will invariably bump up several degrees higher). Rain is forecasted for Christmas eve followed by partly cloudy and about 49F on Xmas day.

Outdoor illuminated Christmas tree in Stanley Park, snowy in Vancouver, British Columbia. Source here.

Naturally, there's no snow here for Christmas and not even the slightest chance.

I mentioned in my previous entry the bizarre -- up to 50F above normal to nearly freezing -- temperature anomalies at and around the geographic North Pole expected today.

OK, that's all for now.


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