Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Too Late for an Entry Tonight -OR- Normalize Not the Abnormal (and Vice Versa)

This image needs to be posted before we get too far into the "Trump transition" -- and all the frantic efforts by the mainstream media (in particular, CNN and some of the major print outlets) -- to normalize the deeply and dangerously abnormal.

This is an epic historical mistake whose gravity is hard to overestimate -- nothing less than one of the tragic turning points in American and world history.


Sorry, but I'm just not able to post anything tonight. I have an entry partially completed but by the time I insert 8 to 10 pictures and do all the necessary text and image formatting, it will be damn near quarter to three in the morning and I just can't do that.

I had a busy day at work and a good gym workout tonight, and came home by quarter to 11PM and made dinner. I also cleaned out a huge backlog of emails in my Yahoo account (the bulk of which I didn't read). Now, I'm going to bed.

It tried to rain a bit tonight but it was negligible. Our drought -- both here in the Mid-Atlantic and, even more so, in New England -- continues apace.

I'll try to post an entry tomorrow.


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