Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Evening Post for November 26th, 2016: The Birthday and Sunset Edition

**This entry was posted November 26, 2016.**

Sunset as seen from my fifth floor apartment overlooking 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 4:23PM November 24, 2016.

This was on Thanksgiving day just before I headed up to Silver Spring.


As a brief update ...

Here I am in Millersville (suburban Maryland) in the little back (or front) room of the trailer where live my mom and stepdad. I took the Metro to Union Station with no delays and caught a prompt MARC train to Odenton. From the time I left my apartment to the time my mom picked me up was just a bit over 1 hour, which is quick as far as those things go.

Outside Sunset Restaurant, Glen Burnie, Md., 2:47PM November 26, 2016.

Not sure why I seem to be going with a sunset theme to my 47th birthday, but so it would appear. When I woke up this morning and looked at my alarm clock, it said 9:11AM, so that didn't seem particularly auspicious, either.


The three of us went to Sunset restaurant in Glen Burnie for a low-key birthday dinner for me. I had not been to The Sunset since, I believe, 1984 when I was 14 years old. We were living on Little Road just off Ritchie Highway and my dad had visited -- not sure why -- and the three of us (that is, my parents and I) went there. (I recall walking across the nighttime deserted parking lot of what was then the Harundale Mall.)

The Sunset also has a special place for my friend BK in NYC -- where we took his parents way back when as a way of introducing them to his future husband. (Of note, Sunset has been there since 1960.)

We were home by breezy, blustery dusk and watched on Netflix the most recent episode of "The Queen." Good show.

Interior, Sunset Restaurant, Glen Burnie, Md., 2:48PM November 26, 2016.


Speaking of my father, he called tonight and we spoke for just over an hour. This is the first time we've spoken in at least a month. It was fine as those things go, and I'm glad to here how done he seems to be with Shannon. However, I'm still not quite ready to go down there to visit him. I'd prefer if he came up to D.C., but I don't see that happening, either.

For tomorrow, I'm heading back to D.C. early/mid afternoon, although we'll all go to lunch first. Actually, my mother goes to a church around here and is supposed to be there at 9AM tomorrow. Speaking of church, or rather, the Church, read this New York Times op-ed by Ross Douthat: His Holiness Declines to Answer.

I didn't know all the business was going down inside the Vatican. I mean, I knew this wonderful Pope had enemies in the Church and that there is no end of intrigue inside the Curia, but what these four archbishops are trying to do is rather blatant.

Another view inside Sunset Restaurant, Glen Burnie, Md., 2:54PM November 26, 2016.


OK, that's all for now. I'm actually going to bed in a bit. That's what you do in the suburbs by the midnight hour, if not earlier.

My next planned entry will be late Monday or early Tuesday. Jukebox Saturday Night edition to follow in a few minutes.


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