Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life's Fall Colors

Colorful fall colors along the Mt. Vernon bike trail, Alexandria, Va., Nov. 10, 2016; Photo by Joe Flood and reposted in this CWG entry.


Oh, God, another here in my Washington, D.C., life of the mid '10s decade of the 21st Century.

At this point, the only reason I stay here is because of my job that, thankfully, gives me a lot of flexibility.

Except for the need to go to that scuzzy Safeway* located there, I am completely finished with 17th Street. I'm so fucking done with the entire awful strip between P and T Streets. I can't even look at it anymore. I despise the D.C. gay community in the aggregate. It's literally anti-life. The entire D.C. "scene" was a 24-year long mistake for me from the beginning. I don't regret ending as many failed and unhealthy friendships as I did -- even if it often happened in highly volatile ways.

*Guess I could go to that Harris Teeter, but I hate the walk on that part of 16th Street.

I know, I know -- there is a lot of other, far healthier things I could be doing. And I'm not so stupid that I don't realize I am mentally unbalanced and can't quite slay the demon inside of me.

As for Dito's Bar, I'm sick of being belittled, ridiculed, and talked down to -- and paying a high financial and psychological price for it.

I get treated with zero respect and nothing but contempt in this shitty little community and I have to live my life in a better way. It's the only goddamn one I'm going to have -- even in this dark and chaotic Age of Trump and GOP authoritarian one-party rule.

I'm eager to follow through with my plan to move to Bethesda or thereabouts with Quill in 2017.

Tonight should be a gym night but I need to move it to tomorrow night owing to an after-work event that I would like to attend.

OK, that's all.


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