Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for Nov. 12th, 2016: 'Til the Morning Comes -OR- Moonlight and Dolphin Dreams Edition

Somehow with the historical disaster of this past week and all that will transpire in the coming years, it seems only appropriate to start out this week's edition of Jukebox Saturday Night with this nice piece by Paul Brown:

"Till the Mornin' Comes" by Paul Brown from his Truth B Told release (2014)


Next up, a smooth jazz piece by Chuck Loeb ...

"...Of the Moon..." by Chuck Loeb from his release The Moon, the Stars and the Setting Sun (1998)

I know it says "..Off the Moon" in the title on the video, but it's really "...Of the Moon..." I am still featuring this YouTube version because it includes a series of rather clever still pictures involving a person "holding," "carrying," "painting," and otherwise whimsically "interacting" with the Moon as though it were an object of human dimensions hovering just overhead.


I was trying to find something Saturday night energetic with which to end this Jukebox Saturday Night edition but I could not. Instead, I had this smooth jazz Patrick Ki piece among my list of possible songs -- and I found the following video:

"Dolphin Dreams" by Patrick Ki from his Sapphire release (2003)

This video features 4-1/2 minutes of dolphins frolicking in the sunlit shallows above a tropical coral reef. Definitely worth a watch.


OK, that's all for now. For an update and whatnot, please see my previous entry. My next planned entry is for late Monday or early Tuesday.


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